Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unite to Fight Against Prematurity

Join the Fight Against Prematurity and Prental Health!
Did you know that November is Premturity Awareness Month?
Join thousands and support the fight against Preemie babies. Our family supports the March of Dimes, and walks for the March for Babies every April. You can contact me to get involved. Team Miracles is forming now.
We chose to get involved, because of our son's poor prental disgnosis( see here), and the many friends and families, who have been touched by a baby given a poor prenatal diagnosis or have been born prematurly.
Recently, my very dear friend, Heather, welcomed her faternal twins into the world 15weeks Early. You can click here to read their story. It is truly one of many miracles. Jaron and Teagan are now approaching their "due date" and growing by leaps and bounds. they still have a road ahead of them. This is just another family who has been affected by this cause. Consider donating or joining the March for Babes this year (
And remember on November 17-is Premature Awareness Day nationwide.


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