Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 2011 is Birth Defects Awareness Month

Did you know that January 2011 is Birth Defects Awareness Month?
while most genetic birth defects are caused by uncertainty, there are many things a mother to be can do to make herself healthy, and aid in prevention against Birth defects.
This is why our family is involved with the March of Dimes, March for babies. On May 1 , 2011, our family will be walking for the third straight year in honor of our son Liam.

If you are unaware of Liam's story, click here. Liam was diagnosed while just 12 weeks gestation with a Cystic Hygroma. This birth defect occurs about 1, in 5,000-10,000 births. Basically, Liam's Lymphnode system was "immature"" and not funtioning. In a normal body, your Lymphnodes are responsible for secreting your fluids throughout your entire body. As you know, you have Lymphnodes in your head and neck area, not to mention other areas. The fluid was not being secreted, and just filling up in n his neck and head. Of course, this is quite bad news, and is usually a symptom of another underlying cause.
Liams prognosis was quite grim. However, we watched him every week on ultrasounds, and monitored his well being. We had several tests done to determine his condtion including, amniocentisis, so we could deliver him at the best possible hospital.

Liam's story ends in victory with a miracle. However, we know that this for some reason isnt always the way the story goes. As believers, we realize God has a plan in all things. He has lead us to the March for Babies; to keep raising awareness for these such Birth defects, the QUALITY of life, prematurity, and sometimes still birth.

We are currently looking for walkers to Join TEAM MIRACLES 2011. Walk with us on May 1, 2011, and help raise awreness for all "miracle " babes!

Click on the link and Join our team, OR make a tax deductible donation....and remember no donation is too small.....just like,

" A person is a person, no matter how small"- dr. seuss

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am BACCCCKKKK, with a cool fundraiser ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hello Faithful blogger friends! I am back and have a lot to say! It has been almost a whole year retreat since my last entry. I have lots to post but first and foremost I would like to announce A HUGE Cyber Monday Sale/Fundraiser coming up this coming Monday. please listen.....

A dear old friend, who is also known to many of you at the Knowing Norrah blog site, is adopting again. yes they are getting ready to open their home to a new life, following the call the Lord has placed on their hearts. The really awesomeness of the whole thing is they are anticipating the Lord to provide 100% of their adoption fees. For those of you new to the adoption conversation, you won't be surprised to learn that adoption is a process and costs well, a lot of money. On another amazing note Lu's family has already raised over $10,000 of their adoption costs, putting them about half way towards their goal.

Here is where it gets fun: This coming Monday is known as Cyber Monday. There will be a raffle/silent auction on the LU Adopts website. Up for grabs are some fun, amazing gifts, you can win, for much below their retail value! AND not only will the shopping be fun, BUT ALL of the profit will be going to LU's personal adoption AND the Davenport's embryo adoption. Click here to read another amazing adoption story. Some of the items include, a massage, photogrpahy session, Premier Designs Jewelry, handmade gifts like tutus, head bands, and many other really cute things. SHOP FOR the holidays, or shop for you! Please go to LU ADOPTS for complete details on how the raffle/auction works. You can do this from home or work, without even going out to the mall!

I am supporting this fundaraiser because it is supporting the sanctity of LIFE. I am boldly a pro-LIFER, and adoption supports the value of any and all life, including embryo adoption. Directions on bidding, raffling, and even some sneak peaks of the items, are here at LUadopts!
Happy bidding/and best of luck on those raffles!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toxic Synivitis, and a stay at the hospital.

Our last couple days this week spent on somewhat of a rollercoaster.

monday, Drew began limping slightly, figured he had been out playing all weekend, and he pulled a muscle or something, no biggie, tuesday came and he began mentioning his "boo boo" on his leg, pointing to his knee. And by wednesday, he was refusing to walk, climb, do stairs and making a fuss about it.

i decided to go with my gut and take him to the doctor to have it looked at. Felt a little silly doing this being that there was no swelling bruising or any trauma I could remember.

The doctor determined the pain was coming from his hip, and recommended x-rays, to rule out an infection in the hip joint.

X-rays, led us to ultrasounds, and we were recommneded by Orthodeic Associates to go to the emergency room. i was a bit surprised by the urgency of everything, and began to get nervous. The ER trip may have been one of the quickest i had ever experienced, and Drew went though all x-rays and ultrasounds very easily, with out a fuss.

The ER doc, wanted to take some blood and labs, and start an IV on drew almost right away. These showed that his white cell count was elevated. The doctor explained that small kids can get a cold virus in their hip. Howver, a few other things can mimic these symptoms as well, including lime disease and Septic Hip (toxic arthritis). Since the white cell count was very slightly elevated they admitted him and put in an IV.

We got into a room around 9pm. and drew was exhausted. He had napped in the er for about 1 and a half hours, after the IV was put in. I think he was exhausted, they had pappoosed him, and he was frightened. It wore the little guy out. In his room we met with a team of docs and nurses and told us they wanted to prep him for surgery in the morning, to drain the fluid and test it. This was so scary, they were very concerned about his well-being at this point.

He recieved hydration fluids, and motrin at that point. I literally just stayed in the crib bed with him the entire visit. That nite, he fell asleep around 11pm, and I just prayed with him for the next few hours.

Around 3am the orthodeic Doctor finally came in, and was pleased to see he wall healthy other than the limp hip. No high fever, no signs of infection. By the time he came in the next morning, he felt if wasn't completely nesc. to put him under genral anesthesia and drain the fluid. Praise God, I had been praying all night with drew that this would not need to happen.
We were able to be observed for several more hours and come home in the afternoon.

I must say, seeing Drew tied to wires and IV's wasn't easy. He was so strong and brave. In fact, as his IV was being put in, he began crying and then praying very loudly. It amazed me, he saw God in all of it. At such a young age he was looking to Jesus for comfort and to calm his fears. So precious. If only all of our faith's could be this strong all the time. As grown up's we can sometimes forget to go to our Father for healing and to calm our fears. There in the midst of Er docs and nurses, not worrying about what others may think: Thank you Drew, let us all have faith like the little ones:

"I assure you, unless you turn from your sins and become as little children, you will never get into the kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me. " Matthew 18:3-5


Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOMETHING to blog about.

Hey blog readers. If you read my blog frequently, you will know that March of Dimes holds a special place in our hearts, along with many of our friends. I often thank God for this blog and the many "miracle babies" and friends we have met on our journey. That's why I am asking you to consider pledging, and supporting Team Miracles this March for babies season. Your money goes right into our community providing research antreatments for prenatal care, and babies born too soon. By clicking on the link on my side bar :you can donate online, it's easy and simple! Whether is just $1.00 or $100.00 your decisoin will be a good one!!!! Thanks for considering, and check back on our progress...OUR TEAM GOAL IS $3000.00!!! GO TEAM!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Say What?!

This little boy is beginning to have a lot to say......

last night he came to me very concerned and said,

"mommy, i have a broken heart...."
in to which I responded "you do?"

I am sure he heard this from someone else and was repeating it, but it sure was a hoot the way he said it with much passion.

aghhh drew, our little heart-breaker.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check me OUT!

here is a sneak peak of my newly begun Runner in the Making blog....stop by and watch my progess :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

It was another windy, snow kissed morning in our neck of the woods today, what is the weather like where you live?