Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am BACCCCKKKK, with a cool fundraiser ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hello Faithful blogger friends! I am back and have a lot to say! It has been almost a whole year retreat since my last entry. I have lots to post but first and foremost I would like to announce A HUGE Cyber Monday Sale/Fundraiser coming up this coming Monday. please listen.....

A dear old friend, who is also known to many of you at the Knowing Norrah blog site, is adopting again. yes they are getting ready to open their home to a new life, following the call the Lord has placed on their hearts. The really awesomeness of the whole thing is they are anticipating the Lord to provide 100% of their adoption fees. For those of you new to the adoption conversation, you won't be surprised to learn that adoption is a process and costs well, a lot of money. On another amazing note Lu's family has already raised over $10,000 of their adoption costs, putting them about half way towards their goal.

Here is where it gets fun: This coming Monday is known as Cyber Monday. There will be a raffle/silent auction on the LU Adopts website. Up for grabs are some fun, amazing gifts, you can win, for much below their retail value! AND not only will the shopping be fun, BUT ALL of the profit will be going to LU's personal adoption AND the Davenport's embryo adoption. Click here to read another amazing adoption story. Some of the items include, a massage, photogrpahy session, Premier Designs Jewelry, handmade gifts like tutus, head bands, and many other really cute things. SHOP FOR the holidays, or shop for you! Please go to LU ADOPTS for complete details on how the raffle/auction works. You can do this from home or work, without even going out to the mall!

I am supporting this fundaraiser because it is supporting the sanctity of LIFE. I am boldly a pro-LIFER, and adoption supports the value of any and all life, including embryo adoption. Directions on bidding, raffling, and even some sneak peaks of the items, are here at LUadopts!
Happy bidding/and best of luck on those raffles!


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