Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Ava Grace

It is with with deep sympathy I announce
the birth and death of Baby Ava Grace. Born silently monday october 12, 2009 at 8:34am. For those who have been following this story, i was able to get the opprutnity to get to know Jerissa back in August. At that time she was 12 weeks along, and her baby girl was diagnosed with a Cystic hygroma ( Liam's diagnosis). She found our blog, and was able to connect with me by phone. We then had the chance to meet on a few occasions, pray, and speak with one another. Jerissa and Eric's daughter was also diagnosed at 15 weeks with Turner's Syndrome.
There baby Girl went into Hydrops at that time and continued to press on until this week. She went to be with lord on monday morning, straight from her mama into the hands of God.
Ava Grace's service was this morning. It was a very beautiful service. I am so proud of my friends' Eric and Jerissa. It is truly amazing how god has brought these two strangers into our lives under such circumstances. He has truly revealed himself in this family. There faith in God has remained steadfast. Though the road ahead of them is a very long and tough one, In my heart I know they will remain faithful and use Ava's miraculous testimony to bring other's to Christ. Ava is a miracle. So neat to see and hear of yet another mriacle babe, whom God has used to change the lives of so many.
Would you lift this family up in prayer with me? As you can imagine, this family is rejoicing that their daughter is healed now, and in the amrs of Jesus. But they already are missing her terribly as well. Please pray that their hearts will be filled with peace and blessings. That they will continue to know God is near, and will sustain them with enough "grace" to make it through another day.


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Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about this loss. I will be praying for them.