Friday, December 4, 2009

Blogger's Block, Jibber Jabber, a haircut and Fall Fun!

I know I know, I am way behind on a post. i have to admit I have had a bit of "blogger's block" but have come up with a few things to post about in the near future. The first being is that We cut all of Liam's hair off. And for those of you who hadn't seen Liam in a while, you will know that his "mop" was an understatement.
It had been time I guess. Although i teared ever minute of it! Comments like " oh what a beautiful little girl you have", and "what beautiful blue eyes SHE has"! lol. It was time, check out the before and after pics AFTER:

Little Liam has started talking quite a bit. It started about a month ago with mama, dada, bye bye. But he is moving up to things like doggie, night-night, granma, pap, mommy and so on. He never hesitates to repeat what we are saying. This has come as a big surprise to me. i never knew a 15 month old to talk so much. Drew never spoke until 2 or 2 and a half. and has only begun really talking in the last 3 months. I will be posting soon on Drew's progress ... As of right now all of his therapies seem to be paying off. This would include OT, Special Iterenrant, and Speech therapy. We still do not have a clinial diagnosis, which at this point has not been pursued, but is somewhat " assumed" he is in a very functioing autism spectrum. Such as asberger's or PDD (pervasive developmental disorder). Again i hope to post more details later on this subject! But I like to tell everyone, we really don't want to "label" him as any of things, because to us he is simply, Drew :) Otherwise, we have busy doing fun things this fall. Check out some pics and see how we have been keeping busy!



KAL071203 said...

WOW liam is really starting to look like drew! We get the "she" comments about ryan too....but' he curls aren't going anywhere anytime soon:) Glad therapy is going well for drew, are you using schrieber? we love thme. Have a great Christmas Amy!

Tessa said...

Wow, your boys are beautiful! I was wandering through blogs with other moms and found yours. Very inspiring. Both my girls are miracles too ... they told me I wouldn't have babies. Both were conceived on the first try, "naturally" ... my second was born perfect (and early) after an extremely complicated pregnancy (that the Docs said they had never encountered before). Anyway, blessings to you and your sweet family. Happy New Year, too!