Thursday, September 24, 2009

there is a preschooler in da house.

literally. we now officially have a preschooler in our house.
let me start by saying I am not one of those mom's who tends to cry when my children reach a monumental milestone. just am not that way, sometime wish i was. Last week, on drew's first day, he was excited to don his Thomas "pack pack" as we took pictures and prepared. I imagined he would go in without much of a fuss, but maybe would be a bit hesitate just because he did not know anyone.
to much of my surprise, drew wasn't the one who had any hesistations!!!!
When I left him with his teacher, he marched right in the room, and didn't even look back. As I yelled "Bye Drew" he never even looked back. He didn't even say good bye.
Now i am not trying to sound ridiculous or anything. By i tried again, "cya drew"
but he was gone. Off with his new friends, classmates, and new adventures. As i walked away slowly with liam, I started thinking of all the things drew would be expereincing this year at preschool. field trips, circle time, playtime. Such a big boy already.
Tears couldn't help but find there way down my cheeks. I was filled with much excitement for him, and yet sad to see him off with out him actually clinging to my leg and wanting only his mama.
Yes, he is growing up. a whole three years young. sigh. (remember I am not one of those moms). when I pulled away that day, I wasn't even sure what lee and i would be doing, just the two of us and all. The time actually passed slow. I missed him....
When the time came to pick up drew, he was muttering a mile a minute, talking about Preschool. I wasn't sure what he was saying but it must have been good.
So, after all of this I am wondering what is it going to feel like the day he gets on the bus and goes to kindergarden?



Robin said...

aww...i'm sure i'll bawl..(I most likely AM one of those moms lol)..i'll be losing two at once. it's weird when it's quiet around here.

Kathy said...

What a sweetheart, but he's also getting to be a "big boy" too!