Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A very Happy Birthday Indeed!

I still am in awe of this little miracle, and celebrating his one year of LIFE today!
what a miracle this past year has been, and will continue to be. liam's life has changed ours, and many others around the world! Through his cause we have met many amazing new friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ!

We celebrated Liam's special day all through the weekend! On Sunday we had a small party with our family, Liam even enjoyed some yummy zucchini cake!
He was a bit taken back by all the attention at once!

he did very well opening all of his thoughtful gifts.....

and on Monday we took a special trip to the Choo-choo barn and Railroad museum. I highly recommend the Choo-Choo barn when visiting our neck of the woods!

But most of all we celebrate Liam's LIFE, and are so grateful for God's grace and soverienty. Take a look at all of these other beautiful miracle babies, there blogs are to the left....stop by check them out, and pray for them and their familes, as you did ours...
I can remember a while back writing this post : The Power of 12. At 12 months of age. I think back, to when I was just 12 weeks along in my pregnancy with Lee, and his prognosis was grim. God has truly showed me many things on this journey, and lit a faith in me I want to share with the world. Our God really is a mighty God, the only one, and he has a plan through any circumstance.
I will be sure to post pictures from the birthday festivities, but first i love to reminice....



marie clare said...

Happy Birthday Liam!!

These CH babies are true miracles and my hope is that through the bravery of woman like you and I there will be many many more survivors and doctors will think first before pushing termination for these babies. Our Lord has a plan for them all.

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Liam! from the Bairs