Saturday, November 15, 2008

the Power of "12"

My time between blogs has been longer lately. life has been busy and I have found blogging to be a bit more difficult these days. that doesn't mean my head isn't filled with great things to write about!
This past week, Liam celebrated his 12th week of life. In other words, three months just about. As I look at him in awe, as I do every day, I am taken back.....back to January 30 2008, the week i was
12 weeks pregnant.
That day will always be apparant in my mind. That was the day we were told our little boy most likely would die before he was born. If he did live, he would most likely have no quality of life. Chromosomes. funeral. termination. severe complications. tests. 3% chance. so many words were thrown at us, as we starred in awe at our precious boy on the ultrasound screen. How could this be? How could this happen? not us. not now.
All this, at 12 weeks gestation.
As the story goes, that day didn't determine our second born's fate. (Check out our blog for our testimony) No, God's plan had not yet been revealed.
It was about 12 weeks after that,
24 weeks gestation to be exact, our son's life threatning condition vanished.
the power of 12.
So I sit here tonight. looking at my son as he peacefully sleeps.
And I thank God for the power of 12.
12 weeks of healing.
For 12 weeks of faith.
for 12 weeks of GRACE,
and for a lifetime of sovreinty.
A lifetime testimony for such a small little boy.
And a miracle that has so deeply changed my heart, my life and my faith in my Savior.
I share this so you know not a day does by, I don't look at Lee and thank God for what he has blessed us with. And I especially want you to know how amazing our God really is. He is a God that is real. And he responds in real ways. i just wanted you to know.


Robin said...

Amen sister! :)

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Popped over from Stacy....yea for "12" and for miracle baby sons. Our Seth is one, too. Defied the odds all the way through pregnancy, and turns 1 (!!!) in 3 weeks. Sniff. Thanks for your bright testimony.