Monday, August 10, 2009

NOT Me Monday

Here we ago with another Not me Monday. Click here to start your own Not Me Monday, it is fun, and guilt-free!!!
This IS NOT my my first monday in like 3 months. i am great about participating every WEEK IN THIS SILLY BLOG CARNIVAL!

I absolutely did NOT use this, a blue tootsie roll lollipop as a bribing device to give my 3 year old his hair cuit. He DID NOT kick, scream , and cry while my husband and myself held him down to buzz his very shaggy hair. it did not take 1 hour plus to achieve these results. I would like to add our 3 year old never misbehaves, or refuses to do things that are not on his agenda, including haircuts.

My little lee has NOT turned into a "SCA" (sweet corn aholic). Most evenings you will not witenss him sitting in his high chair knawing on corn cobs. He absolutely DOES NOT go crazy whenever he sees corn flapping his arms and clapping when we give him a piece. and in case you didn't know up here in these "parts" we have, grow, freeze and EAT alot of sweet corn!

And lastly,I did not "escape" on a 4 day trip to Texas with a few of my "bestests" for my businesse's National Convention. My Business just So happens to be A jewelry direct sales company I LOVE. I DID NOT have a blast; shopping, eating out and being "on my own" for the extended weekend. I DID however come home relaxed, refresshed, and ready to go back to my mommy duties. I think I missed them more than they missed me!


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