Thursday, July 23, 2009

When God Winks....

This morning the phone rang, and I began a conversation with someone that i had never met personally, but felt like I had know an eternity. A fellow blog reader stumbled on our blog, looking for hope in their prenatal diagnosis with a Cystic Hygroma, the same as little Liam's.
I will refer to this couple as "J" and "E". (for their confidentiallity)
J explained last week of her diagnosis and her grim prognosis. She mentioned she was "surfing" for answers as weall do sometimes on the net. She found my blog on a google search and was stunned to find we lived in the same county.
We were able to spend a bit of time exchanging stories and exhanged information.
This evening after our conversation i had the opprutunity to sit and talk with J and E in their home. We met with their pastor, and another friend. Again we exchanged storiesand pictures of the babies, via ultrasound! Which is almost exact in nature to our diagnosis. Click here to read Liam's story. We even share the EXACT same doctors and specialists! We were able to pray over there baby, and ask God for healing of their childs lymphnode system and for a complete healing process, and perfect baby.
I specifically am asking my fellow blog readers, friends and family, to please uplift this family in your prayers. there are indeed praying for complete restoration, and our excited to see God's plan at work in their situation. Please pray for healing, peace, and grace over their hearts. And ultimatly for God's will to be done. Spefically for their tests on August 7 (amnio), and future ultrasounds to come. I will update as needed.
It's truly amazing the way God can work, even through the internet. Coincidence? no, I like to think of them as "winks" from our big daddy looking down :)

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