Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog Hop-Recipe, Pepper Steak 101

okay-so we have Not me Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays...how about Tasty Tuesdays
if you know me, you know that since I have become a stay at home mama i have enjoyed taking more time to cook new dishes, with better ingredients. Not only that, I love to to then, pair the dish with a great wine. emmm. Nothing better than that really. So maybe you will want to join in for tasteful tuedays---probably won't happen every tuesday...these things take time :)

tonite i prepraed this SUPER easy Pepper Steak dish with Rice. Totally yummy. totally easy. Check it out and give it a whirl. Paired it with an AMAZING orchard salad, and red, medium bodied wine: Shiraz. Jacob's Creek one of the greatest in-expensive Shiraz variety. Yumm-o. totally goes great with the pepper steak. Enjoy...

gather your ingredients.

you will need:

brown instant rice- 2cups
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 onion
black pepper
1 pound sirloin steak sliced thin stir fry style
1/2 c. your fav barbeque sauce
3T. lite soy sauce
cloves garlic
spray large frying pan with oil. slice all veggies and add to frying pan on med-high heat.

meanwhile-cook rice ( i use instant, brown) tonite I used mixed, that is what i had.

cook veggies until tender-crip-put in bowel-set aside.

Add meat to pan, season with garlic, salt and lots of freshly cracked pepper. (eye ball it) Be generous on the pepper-after all it is pepper-steak :) cook-5-7 minutes til medium finish.

Add Soy. Cook 1 minute or until cooked through. Reduce heat. add barbeque, stir until heated through. Return vegtables to pan, stir.

Place rice on plate, top with pepper steak ........emmmmm.

the orchard salad is simple. i use romain lettuce, top it with mixed greens, like spinach, escr., dandeloin, etc. Top with walnuts, and dried fruit. I prefer dried cranberries. Slice an apple and lay on the top. Drizzle with raspberry vinegerette. I prefer Wishbone's Raspberry Walnut Lite vinigerette.

don't forget to top it off with a bottle of shiraz:

Love it, and hope you do too !

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