Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prayer request and Update , When God Winks

I am updating on our friends J and E. They are currently 15 weeks pregnant. Their baby has been diagnosed with a Cystic Hygroma, and poor prenatal diagnosis. As mentioned before I have had the chance to meet with this family and though we have been brought together through similar, and unfortunate circumstances, we have been able to become friends, and help each other through their process.
On Friday, "J" will be undergoing her Amniocentisis, to determine what chromosome factors could be contributing to their babies cystic hygroma. Click here to read about Cystic Hygroma's (this babie's and our son's prental condition).
Our prayer is that God is ALREADY AT WORK in healing this baby's Hygroma, AND that this baby is a very healthy, strong life!!!!
God has a plan, and J and E are prepared for the path God lays before them.
Will you join us in praying for:
1. The great physicians guidance over Dr. B during the procedure on Friday,
2. for healing of this babies lymphnodes, to begin funtioning and secreting fluid prorperly, and
3. for peace and healing to J's body through the process.
We praise God for this little one, he or she is INDEED already a miracle.
I will update as needed.


Jan Wilkinson said...

I came across your blog in searching for information on CH. My little grandson Alex, (10 mo) was born with small Cystic Hygroma on his neck, discovered at 5 days old. He is now undergoing treatments at MUSC in Charleston, SC. Please pray for this precious little one. His mother, Holly, has set up a caringbridge site to record this journey of his Cystic Hygroma and its treatment.
Again I pray for you and your family as I ask for prayers for our Alex.

mamazilla said...

just happened upon your blog while aimlessly surfing... i thought it might comfort you and your friends to know my experience. i was born with CH in 1972. although i had a few operations as a child, i've grown to be a healthy happy woman. i've lived a blessed life, am married to a wonderful man and have two very healthy children. i'll keep your friend's child in my prayers. :)