Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to the Mountains, take 1.

So memorial day weekend landed us at the family cabin for the weekend. We were blessed by good weather, and good company. My sister headed up with us along with her fiance', "Gug". As drew likes to call him. Soon to be Uncle Gug.
We had a great time froggin, fishin, relaxing and walking. enjoyed seeing some deer and a family of five bairs on the premises as well. My ever so adventorous/Grizzly bear of a husband, gambeled with nature by taking a plate of scraps out to them WHILE they were outside with their cubs, enjoying some corn. Not the brightest crayon in the box you say?
Oh, in fact he is. I trust his natural/ mountain instincts a little too well I suppose. As soon as he made his appearance, "they" made their exit. My husband is the avid out doorsman. grew up on a farm, cabin in the mountains, fisherman, snake catcher, frog snatcher, bear chaser, whatever you want to call him. He knows what to mess with and what to avoid. Okay so maybe I was at the window beckoning him to come back inside the whole 1.32 minutes he was gone but , anyhow, you get the point. I trust his outdoorsy style.
We were only up for about 3 days. Totally got us stoked for our big trip coming in 2 weeks. We are heading up for 8 days. Have some amazing picnics and daytrips planned...can't wait!
Drew loves the mountains too, taking after his daddy. Liam didn't weather it too badly either. They both sleep well there, as it acts as a second home almost.
Here are just a few fun times from our weekend away....


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