Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30. A year in Review. les we forget.

For those of you who are new to the blog, the whole resaon I began blogging was to journal "our miracle in the making" Our miracle Son, Liam. the blog has since turned into my daily ramblings of "both" our miracles, who are growing into men of God as the years quickly pass.
Speaking of years, what a year 2008 truly was for our family.
Yes, I am speaking of the last year. Specifically beginning January 30, one year ago today. The date will always stand boldly in my mind. Let me refresh your memory.
On the morning of January 30, my husband and I awoke to the excitement of meeting our unborn child for the first time via ultrasound. We were so very excited, I was just 12 weeks along. What a confirmation to see that tiny heartbeat flashing on the screen.
I was a bit perplexed throughout the ultrasound. The tech seemed to be pushing so hard, i was afraid she could hurt the baby. Pushing, more pushing, looking. Then a very long wait, probably about 40 minutes, for them to give us the okay to leave. weird I thought. The tech re-entered to tell us we needed to go to our Ob-Gyn to have the results read to us. Weird again. But none the less I sent, Hubby back to work and headed to my Doctor just to hear the conirmation of what I thought would be my due date. Little did I know, our lives would soon forever change.
As I waitied in the waiting room, I got this feeling in my stomach that something wasn't right with the baby. Maybe a mother's intuition. When i was called back to the examination room. My Fears quickly turned to reality. My doctor kindly placed his hand on my shoulder and declared. "this really isn't good." huh? what do you mean, i gasped?
"there is something wrong with the baby" From there everything seemed to blur together. My Doctor went on to tell me to get my cell phone and call my husband right away, he helped me make the call, and of course we couldn't get a hold of him. My Dr perceded to tell me our unborn baby had redundent skin growing on the back of his neck, which is typically an indicator of Major Chromosomal Disorders, and heart defects. Our baby had about a 3-5% chance of surviving in the womb. We were immediatly sent to Maternal Fetal medicine where the Specialists reconfirmed the diagnosis. Over 20 ultrasounds revealed our son's Cystic Groma, visibly to the naked eye.
Our baby's Cystic Hygroma was in the large catagory, his lymphnodes where not functiong. The fluid he was secreting through his lymphnodes was filling up on the back of the neck, soon leading to his body filling with fluid, this is called Hydrops. our baby's prognosis was; mostly likely miscarry late in the pregnancy, or baby would die shortly after birth. Our doctor's were almost certain our baby was carrying Downs or Trisomy 18 or 13 with is a death sentence in itself, not to mention major heart malformations, because, Cystic Hygroma's RARELY present in a healthy fetus. In Fact A cystic hygroma presents in about 1 in 5-10,000.
If you have read our story you know our Son Liam Joshua arrived on August 18, 2008, a full 40 weeks, 8 pounds, and 100% healthy. We named he Liam Josuha because lIam means protected and Joshua means "saved by God"
Our story unraveled thoughout those 9 months, God presented us with the most amazing journey, the most difficult, the most trying. I have never faced anything so hard in my entire life. The months of uncertanty were oh so devastating, however God showed us Grace and mercy through people, himself, and fellow bloggers we have never even met.
I am a believer that when terrible things happen it is either 1. God made it happen for some plan he intends to carry out. OR 2. God see's it is going to happen, and he doesn't stop it from happening for again some plan that needs to be carried out: yes this is tough to grasp. But in the midst of tradegy we knew that God indeed had a plan, and was trying tell us something.
We also know God has the power to stop something from happening, and that is what happened in Liam's case. But not with out the plan he had being carried out.
Maybe God's intention were for our relationship with him, to grow closer, or to maybe strengthen a wavering marriage which has been forever strengthened in a way that didn't seem possible, or possibly to make it proven that he STILL does work in Super natural ways. I am so , I am ever so grateful. Not only for my healthy son, but for the way he has come so much more into my life. That day started a new journey for our family, in pledge to follow God's plan, and live faithfully through him. Every day we look at Liam we know we are unworthy of such blessings, but afterall, Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross, so our unworthyness and sin can be banished.
We will never forget the day of January 2008. It is engraved in our hearts forever. it is the day began the amazing, testimony of our Miracle in the Making.


Lauren said...

Yea for LIAM!!! Oh how time flies!!! But we will never forget that miracle of God. So happy to walk with you along the way.

PS - we definitely are getting together before the end of February. (Where did the time go?) AND TAKING PICTURES OF OUR MIRACLE BABIES TOGETHER!

Robin said...

what a testimony! :)

jenkins_k08 said...

i love your story. thanks for sharing, i'm a follower by the way. Liam is a precious name & I love the name joshua (thats my hubbys name) praise God for keeping Liam safe & sound.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is jill ortiz i just went to the doctor today i'm 14 weeks pregnant and was told that my baby also has cystic hygroma . my husband came across your website today looking for more information about the disease. I'm a sister in Christ your story really encouraged me. I ask that you pray for me and my husband that God's will be done for us. I'd like to contact u and ask u more questions if thats okay . in christ-jill and javier. you can contact me at thank you and god bless you and your family

Traci~ Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday wife, mommy, and homemaker said...

Hey there! What a testimony.... our son too was diagnosed with cystic hygroma when he was 10 weeks old gestation.

Read my story here:

I would LOVE to have you link in this post too!

Love your sister in Christ,