Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to NOT ME MONDAY!!! Woo-hoo gotta love it :)
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I did not actually shed a few tears while dropping some baby clothes off that the consignment shoppe this week. Nope. That would be pathetic. i didn't then grab a few items from the consigment pile and tuck them away for keepsakes. I am not that attached to clothing that would be petty.

I did not give my five month old a haircut this week. What baby nescitates a haircut before one year? His hair was not so long it was hanging in his eyes. i did not then shed more tears for him already needing a haircut. I am definetely not that pathetic. (pictures to come )


Wayne said...

great not me monday, I found your not me's very amusing..I have seen afew babys with long enough hair to have cut at 5 months

Boeckman mommy said...

hi, I just found your blog. What an amazing miracle. I too had a baby diagnosed in utero with Cystic Hygroma. However, we had hydrops as well. By the time we found out, it was pretty much too late. She had lots of fluid around her heart and lungs, and within a week of finding out the diagnosis, she lost her battle to congestive heart failure. However, it is rare to hear of a baby with cystic hygroma living. At the time of our pregnancy back in 1997, there was no known living baby of cystic hygroma. What an inspirational story.

Robin said...

I so feel you about the sentimental clothing...I have 4 big boxes they have out grown and I just can't go through it to part with it yet. :)

Synia said...

Tiffany at 5 y/o still hasn't had a first haircut!

Robin said...

hey...let me know if you still want a header.

Anonymous said...

What a glorious example for God's power. We are experiencing a similair challenge TODAY (29/4/09). We found out yesterday our daughter has Cystic Hygroma at 19 weeks in the womb. We have been searching for info and praying for God's will to be done and discovered your site. I wish there was some way to communicate with you as it looks like you have been through exactly what we are going through right now. :)