Friday, October 3, 2008

Liam's Hearing Screening

Well, I wish I had a btter verdict to report, but as of yesterday Liam did not pass his left ear screening. His right ear passed with flying colors, which is great. The audiologist noted he does have hearing in the left ear. Another good sign. However, it could not be determined to what degree. The test itself wasn't so bad once it was underway, but all the prep was annoying. I feel so bad today for little Liam. He has two bruises on his head where they had to scrub the skin away to place the electrodes. The doctor did all this while he was starving and screaming. Once I got to hold him and feed him, they did the test to ensure he would stay calm. Liam had other ideas. Instead of falling asleep (like most babies do) after his bottle, he was fidgeting around ( I think he was overstimmed at that point) they concluded the test. We will head back on the 24th for a more in depth screening of this ear. The doc also checked for fluid in his ears by doing a pressure test, both in which looked great, so no fluid.

Last night Liam was totally overstimmulated and took a long time to settle at bedtime. Once he did, he slept 6 hours! Poor little man. He was exhausted.

I spoke with the doc about how concerning it can be to have a hearing issue in only one ear. The good news is, speech, language and function shouldn't be an issue with correction. So he wouldn't be "deaf" His "cocliear" (spelling) is functioning properly. However if he is indeed lacking hearing to a greater degree in the left ear, he may need to wear a hearing aid. This saddened me a bit when the doctor explained. At this point we are far from making this verdict however. After every thing Liam hs been through, a hearing aid seems trivial. He is still a very healthy little boy. Even so, we are praying that Liam is hearing perfectly, and that the next test reveals what we need it to. I am told the next screening is easier on baby (and mom) :) it will not involve placing elctrodes all over his head and hair (which we ended up cutting out). Please also pray that Liam's bruises clear up and the skin heals quickly, I am saddened to look at them!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while looking for something else. Sorry to hear about your son's hearing test. My daughter was born with microtia and aural atresia (no ear and no opening / canal inside). She doesn't wear a hearing aid, is doing great in school (3rd grade), and hears better than I do. You really don't need stereo hearing to function just fine in school and everyday life. I'm sure Liam will be fine.

Lauren said...

Praying for Liam. Maybe we can get together in a few weeks. I will email you when hopefully Norrah and Liam do not have any more doctors appointments. :)

Anonymous said...

As someone that wears two hearing aids, one in each year, it truly is not as bad as it sounds. With hearing aids I can often hear better than everyone else around me.

Love you all,

Liam's Aunt Robin