Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 weeks Postpartum/Prayers for Liam

Yesterday I had my follow-up check-up with Dr. May. All in all, things look great. I have about 5 pounds of "baby-weight" to lose yet. Here I come gym!!! She gave me the greenlight on excercise, which is great! The office was excited to meet Liam the little miracle baby as they call him, he slept the whole time I was there pretty much.

Tomorrow is our visit to Sonas Hearing Center for Liam's hearing exam. (Liam failed his left ear screening in the hospital twice). Honestly, I am nervous. I believe that Liam is hearing fine. However, I am hoping that the testing is as non-traumatic as possible. The test will take about 2 hours, and I was told to hold off on feeding him until we get there to induce sleep. Also, it could take several appointments for the doctor to gather the info that is needed. Could you please join us in praying that the tests will go as planned, that Liam will cooperate well, and that all information will be gathered as quickly as possible, hopefully in this one attempt? Also, of course specifically for Liam to have great hearing, specifically his left ear? And lastly for peace of mind tonite, and tomorrow while preparing for the test.... Thanks in advance friends! I will be sure to post on the results, we should have them immedietly following the test.

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Stacy D said...

The picture of you and Liam is beautiful!! I will be praying that Liam's hearing test goes well, and that he passes with flying colors!