Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Month Old already!

It's hard to believe our Liam is already one month old and some. Today we visited the pediatrician for his one month check up. I was shocked to see that Liam weighs a whopping 10 pounds 6 ounces! The Dr. was very pleased with this progress and was glad with the switch we made to formula, it has proved to help with Liam's growth. Liam also passed all of 32 gentic screening tests as well, that were taken at the hospital, another amen!

The last few days I have found myself looking at Liam in disbelief that he is growing so fast. I no longer swaddle him, and he is growing out for those newborn sleepers. Also the size one diapers are getting snugger. ( I mentioned this to Eric last night and he replied (honey he's only one month old!). I just can't imagine not having my little boys being babies anymore. It will be backpacks and school busses rather than diapers and pacifiers. It all goes so fast. Somedays I even forget what day it is. I think time goes even more quickly now that there are two in the picture. it is easy to get wrapped up in : the next phase, like when will my baby be sleeping though the night, or crawling, or walking. I think I am happy with today. Enjoying the great and not so great moments. (today was a good day, maybe that's why I say that ) :)


Some pictures are included of our growing boy. Enjoy, and be sure to enjoy your kiddos, they just grow up too darn fast.

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Robin said...

I goes WAY to fast...LT are almost 5 months already.