Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feast or Famine?

Yes. feast or Famine that has been the question these days at mealtime. At least for our oldest son, Drew. Most days drew really eats nothing. A couple of raisens, grapes and goldfish. But this week, we had spaghetti. We put drew in his booster, just as we do every night at dinner, thinking....hmmm....another wasted meal. But you have to try. So there he sat. (we always strip him when we have pasta w/red sauce, just in case). Lo, and behold. Drew dove in without holding back. We stared in awe, handful after handful. and then, seconds, yes, seconds!!! All Eric and I could do was laugh. He was getting it every where, but who cares, he was eating! After he appeared to be full (this is a new feat)....we thought we would positively reinforce him with an oreo cookie. (thus the black "crustache") overlapping the sauce. He then went on to eat two whole oreos. He immedialy went upstairs for a tubby, and was he (and mommy and daddy) were quite happy the remainder of the evening.

So, does this mean Drew's hunger Strike is over?

No. Next day, it was business as usual, and he hasn't had a good solid meal since!


Kathy said...

Hooray for Drew! Hopefully he'll soon figure out that food is good once again. Guess you'll have to have spaghetti more often. That's a favorite of Dylan & Ella's, too. Sorry I didn't get to see all of you the other day at your caramel apple party.

Robin said...

those are great pics