Saturday, September 6, 2008

this and that

So I had Liam at the doc on thursday for his weight check, and still , the doc did not feel that Liam is up to par with weight gain. He did put on a few ounces, putting him just over his birth weight. He would like to see Liam gaining about an ounce a day at this point. His recomendation would be to begin supplemnting with formula, b/c Liam may not be getting enough breastmilk. I truly thought the nursing was going well, howver was surprised the night liam did a five hour stretch, I didn't "fill" up and get uncomfortable. the doc and and I discussed reasons why I may not have an adaquite milk supply. Still, showing a lot of jaundice...which at this point can get a bit risky, Through much discernment, Eric and I have decided to ween Liam, so he will begin to thrive at a better rate.

Having said that he seems so far to be doing great with the bottle as of now. Such a happy baby he seems :) We hope his body handles the formula well.

Drew is adjusting to life with baby brother as well.

This morning "the 8:00 am cleaning crew" swept through! That's what my mom called it anyways. It was sweet really, her and my dad arrived early and basically came through and cleaned my house to the "T"! Now mind you, it was not filthy or anything, just a little let go in the past few weeks!!! I would like to think of myself as a pretty good house keeper, none the less, it needed a good scrub. Thanks mom and dad!!

The help we have gotten over the weeks has been great, so thanks everyone for their part. mom in law was also a big help in those early days with drew, when eric went back to work. And thanks all who brought and are continuing to bring those yummy meals :) I have your tupperware!

Drew has been such a stictch at some points. Some of the things he says in his own little language crack us the fact that he know refers to disposable nursing pads as "cookies"

and he wakes up from nap time yelling "alveterzane" (thanks to dora the explorer)!

Yes he's the big brother, and proud of it :)

Well, this blog tends to skip around a lot. Above I have recapped labor day, it was 3 weeks ago, howver some of you have wanted to hear the details of what went on, so enjoy, and thanks again for reading!


Kathy said...

eqxnlThat picture of Liam is so precious. Glad to hear the transition to formula is going well.
Sounds like "cookies" has a couple meanings for Drew. I can tell he is learning from Dora and Diego, also.
Happy Anniversary!

Robin said...

I love that picture. precious. i wanted to ask you if nick could drop off some BBQ for you guys. I put it in the freezer so you can use it when you need to. Let me know when it works. thanks! praying for you guys.......hope you're holding up. :)