Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day, 8/18/08

Here is the official recap of my Labor story, so many of you are asking how Liam came into this world 3 mondays ago!

Sunday, August 17
contractions were noted from about 2:00pm that were painless, but regular at about 20 minutes apart. I mentally noted it, but thought nothing of them, b/c the weeks prior were the same old.

Monday August 18
awoke around 1:00am and noted braxton hicks were still seeming "regular" and crampy like a period. However nothing new, about 15-20 minutes apart. Tossed and turned awhile.

3:00am awoke to contractions getting "uncomfortable" like a bad cramp, and coming at intervals of 15 minutes apart. Eric awoke to my tossing and turning. i told him that something might be up, but to get sleep, and go to work at 6am, I will keep him posted. I slept in between contractions.

5:30am wide awake and noting contractions still uncomrtable "is this it or not" still to early to tell, but definetley getting more painful. Eric gets up for work.

6:00am-call mom and give her the heads up, she says she will be up in a half hour to pick up drew. Upon going to the bathroom I noticed some pink "show" Omigosh eric, i think this is it! I tell him to head to work anyway, they are only 15 mins apart.

6:30am-mom comes for drew, I jump in the shower to relax a bit (this helped a lot!)

7:45am WHOA! all the sudden contractions are about 5 minutes apart, and getting painful. I start doing deep breathing and call eric and say get your butt home.
8:30am-Not wanting to get sent home from the hospital, I call the office to talk with my midwife. She wanted me to call her when contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and not able to talk through them anymore, they tell me to come on in to the office for a labor check.
Eric gets home. and packs everything up. At this point contractions were about 4 minutes apart and I just wanted to stay laying on my side.

when we got into the office, I had to wait in the waiting room like 5 minutes, which was embarressing because I was apparently in labor, in front of about 5 strangers. When I got back to the room, Cheri was soooo excited to see me, and surpised. WOO-HOO she said, let's check you girl! the verdict : 3cm 80% effaced
she sent me over to the hospital, and said to get my epidural awhile (it would take a little to get it administered) and she would be over in a couple hours to break my water. She wanted to keep things moving along, so I wouldn't slow down, being a VBAC.
-On the way to the hospital the contractions started picking up, like 1-3 minutes apart. Youch. It felt super intense, and I no longer wanted to walk. It felt like forever, but I was able to bypass triage, and be admitted immedialty. The nurses were great and demanded anesthesilogy to come since my contractions were so close. Sometimes before one ended, another started. I was thinking, what the heck, I need a break here. At that point two nurses really started helping me with my breathing techniques, right in my face, while eric put a cold wash cloth on my face. I was sweating. I started to feel the contractions in my back so Eric just concentrated on my back, while the nurses talked me through each contraction. they were amazing. I remember telling them, I felt like my uterus is going to explode, they giggled. I began to get sick a little, but luckily I didn't have much in my tummy.
Dr. Steager (i think that was his name) arrived about an hour later to give me my epidural. It was AMAZING. I loved him for it! we laughed and I then began relaxing, and realizing the wonderful world of anesthesia. I had an epidural with drew, but labor was not nearly as intense the first part. We began watching baby's heart rate. ABout 10 minutes AFTER the epi, something strange began to happen. My two nurses quickly flipped me on my side, and I could hear on the machine baby's heart rate start to plummit. Before we know it, we had about 15 people in the room, oxygen slapped on my face. Me in a fetal position on my belly. I couldn't see Eric, I kept asking for him though. After about 3 minutes of moving me around my blood pressure and baby's heart came up. Everyone was freaked, but said that it was a rare side effect of the EPIDURAL. This was our first warning.
Cheri came in about an hour later and broke my water and checked me, about 5 cm. She was very pleased with progress. And was not overly concerned about the scare, we kept a close eye on Liam over the next couple of hours. Every once in a while we noted Liam's heart rate go down with a contraction, it is called a variable, it is normal, but they look for it to come back up, and it did for awhile.
At about 2pm, my sister and sister in law came in, they were so excited. Eric grabbed some lunch, we figured there would be a babe by evening!
Over the course of the next couple of hours, I dialated to 7 cm and slowed down. Liam's heart rate began dropping with every contraction, and still not a lot of progression. At about 4:30pm Dr. May came in and recommended the dreaded c-section. Not an emergency, but her recomndation. She feared that possibly, the cord was being compromised around the neck or somewhere else. With as many complications we have had with Liam, we decided on the spot, that a section would be the safest way for him to be born. I teared up for about 10 seconds, then realized I am so blessed to have Liam alive today, I shook it off and smiled. So excited to finally meet our miracle.
Eric suited up in scrubs quickly we bid our family good bye and headed off to the "O-R"

The surgery itself began great. Liam was lifted out of my tummy at 5:50pm on August 18, 2008 weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces, 20 3/4 " Long. A bruiser. We cried and laughed all at once as he was examined and determined to be 100% healthy and happy. Eric snapped some shots and cut the cord, proud daddy. Then our camera ran out battery, doh!
"closing me back up" took a lot of repair, and I bgean to feel sick on the table. My nurses and anestheologist talked me through it. It seemed to take forever, and I felt a lot of pressure on my chest the whole time. Dr. May explained there was a lot of scar tissue from my previous section, and I was losing alot of blood. Also, there was trauma to my bladder. (More on this later ) Finally, I was wheeled off to recovery, a bit exhausted and Eric followed Liam to the nursery for his bath. I rested in recovery anxiously awaiting to hold my little man. At about 9:00pm I finally held Liam Joshua in my arms for the first time. What an amazing little guy! Whew, what a day. The next week would involve much healing and resting to regain my rest. would I do it over again, in a heart beat, just not tomorow :)

we named him Liam Joshua because:

Liam :is gaelic it comes from William and means "helmeted, or protected"
Joshua: is hebrew, it means God has SAVED
these names were chosen because of there meanings, and we want Liam to know that his life has a purpose, and God will lead him to that, that is why he is here today!

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