Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, jiggity jigg jig :)

we are home! Ha...we have been since Friday, but as you know things have been a little crazy. As you also know, Baby Liam arrived last Monday evening, one week ago today! Where did the last 7 days go? Things are going well, better than expected. i am very apprehensive about Eric going back to work tomorrow, however, we have help lined up for the upcoming week.

Many of you are asking, "So How is Baby Liam?" We are so happy to report, he is perfect in every way. When Liam was lifted out of my tummy, and I heard him cry, it was the most amazing feeling ever, to be in witness to God's amazing miraculous power. Living proof. Right in front of our faces. There are no visible signs of the Cystic Hygroma, not even any redundant extra skin. Upon examintaion of the pediatrician, Laim appears to be a happy healthy baby. We ask for your continue prayers, Liam failed his hearing test twice, and needs to be re-evaluated in the left ear. However we we are told that this is common for c-section babies, because all the fluid does not get pushed out during the birth process. So we are believing that everything will be okay in that department.

My healing process is coming along as well. The first few days I had some "obstacles" to overcome in the hospital. However my body seems to be coming along every day a little more. Caring for a toddler is the most "trying" part. I am praying for God to keep healing my body quickly, so I can get back to my old self soon.

I have included some pics, and I will be writing soon to recap my "labor story" in the next few days.....things went well...I am so INCREDIBLY blessed, to be writing this entry, and I praise GOD to whom ALL blessings flow, for it is by his works, Liam is here today.

We love you all, and cherish all of your prayers and support, thanks again friends :)


Lauren said...

Yea for baby Liam! So glad you are home and everyone is healthy and happy.

And the caring for two (toddler and baby) will get easier. It just makes your days go SUPER fast!

Carrie Lunger said...

Congrats Amy! Baby Liam is precious! I'm so happy for you and your wonderfully adorable family!