Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heading for Home, and Healthy!

It's been extremely busy and Amy has been recovering wonderfully in the hospital! Her hemoglobin has gone back up and she will no longer be a candidate for a blood transfusion! woo hoo! Liam is perfect. God is amazing! Amy will be heading for home tomorrow, hopefully in the morning.
The other night, Tuesday to be exact, I slept over with Amy so that Eric could go home and get a refreshing, good night's sleep with Drew. I was able to hold and love up on Liam so much! He is precious. Just in case you didn't believe me, I've posted a few more pictures here for you :) ...I'm sure you will agree!
I also made sure to include a NEW FAMILY photo as per Amy's request!
Amy has also asked that I start scheduling in some days for people to bring a dinner since a lot of caring friends have been asking! I have a calendar with several days that would be helpful. If you would like to make a meal for Amy, Eric, and Drew, please email me at: They said dinner would be good between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Thank you to all of you who have already contacted me--you are so helpful!
This may be my last post--this will depend on how busy Amy feels as she's settling in at home.
You're prayers have been wonderful; Thank you all! It's obvious that God was at work here and that His power is Almighty and undeniable!
God Bless!

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