Thursday, August 14, 2008

39 weeks, 2 days NST and Check Up

Today was my NST and 39 week Check. I recieved my NST first, as always, then my exam. The NST went very well, Baby was moving around and reacting great! The exam (yuck) revealed the dreadful; no progress, once again. Cheri and I had to have a long chat about Baby's options for delivery. As of now, no dialtion has occured. Which is a little rare for a second pregnancy. Here are the facts: Once the baby reaches 40 1/2 weeks, Baby needs to begin to be monitored for well being, because of being overdue. This would be like amnio fluid levels, NST's, and ultrasounds. In a VBAC situation, a mother cannot be "induced" traditionally, due to the higher risk of uterine rupture. The only thing that can be done is for the amnio sac to be ruptured manually, in hopes to start labor. HOWEVER, the amniotic sac cannot be ruptured without a small amount of dialation occurring for it to be reached. right now I am not a canidate for this happening. As many of you know, I had my first c-section due to fetal distress. I made it to 4cm after about 30 hours of labor. My doctors broke my water to speed things along and gave me pitocin which did nothing, Drew went into fetal distress due to an umbilical cord problem. I had an emergency c-section at that point.
My Midwife doesn't know if I will labor "well" or at all. Only a trial of labor (as it is called) will tell us that. However, if my body doesn't go into spontaneous labor on it's own, I will need to have a c-section. So. Such decisions are ones to be made! Going on my docs recomendations, Eric and I have scheduled a c-section for next Friday, August 22. If spontaneous labor starts before then, AMEN! We will begin the trial of labor and pray for Labor to take place on it's own, since the use of pitocin is too risky in VBAC canidates. If no labor by the 22 nd, a section it is. I have an appointment with Cheri in a week again, she said if I am dialated at that point at all, She can break my water in attempt to start things up, however, it probably will be unsuccesful. Worth a try none the less. So as of now, we are planning for surgery. Am I disapointed? Maybe a bit. However, our prayer through the trials of "VBAC" were clear that if God intended for a vaginal birth, he would allow that to happen in a natural matter. The more "tampering" we do, the more risk is imposed to our baby and a Uterine Rupture, which has can have fatal effects on mom and or baby. Baby Risser has been through so much already. We will be BLESSED beyond measure to have him here, healthy and unharmed, despite his method of entry into the world!!
As of now, we are feeling good about things. Again, it is in God's hands. It's funny, a week seems like such a long time away :) I cannot wait to meet him!
In the meantime, we will be sure to keep you posted on any progress into labor! Your prayers as always are kindly asked, for health, peace, and safetly of the docs during delivery!
here are some of thr final stats:

weight gain: -1 pound weight gain 25 pounds
NST: pass
blood pressure:98/58
next appointment: 8/21
Baby Risser's anticipated arrival date: 8/22/08!!!!


Stacy D said...

You are in the home stretch!!! can you believe baby Risser's birthday will be NEXT WEEK?!?! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

wow I know exactly what you are going through. My son who is now 7 years old Had a cystic hygrom all test came back negative,ultrasounds every couple weeks cyst was always there.1 week before i delivered him i had an ultrasound.the cyst was there.when he was born it was complety gona it was such a blessing,if you need to talk please feel free to email me good luck with your are in my prayers love always shannon

Lauren said...

Hey, Mama! It is nice to know that either way he will be here within the week.

Who did you get for your section?

Praying for God to make his will known in all of this. :) I don't think Norrah would be here without the section... I always felt as though she would have a tough time with labor so when things turned out that way it made sense to me. I pray that the best for baby and mom happens!