Monday, August 11, 2008

Tom Petty was right, "The Wait is the Hardest Part"

Tom Petty is one of my favorite artists. I have yet to see him in concert, but it will happen someday. These last few days I have found myself singing "The wait is the hardest part"
So I am officially 9 days from my due date. It is surreal really, yet I am soooooo ready. My last few days have consisted of a load of contractions, pelvic and back pressure and cramps. It so easy to start thinking, is this it?! Could this be the start of something!? Ahhh. You can really start to make yourself nuts! Obviously it's only a matter of time, but sometimes it feels like d-day will never arrive.
My prayers lately have been for a healthy, safe delivery, no matter what happens, and of course, patience. It has been a little trying the last few days taking care of a toddler while feeling the symptoms of pre-labor. I love the weekends, eric is amazing at helping around the house, and keeping up with the Drew-man.
We celebrated Eric's upcoming Birthday (the 15th) this past Sunday with his family. And we will celebrate with my family on Friday. Eric was hopeful that the baby would be born on his birthday, we will see. For some reason, I have a fear that i won't "go" by my due date. Big deal right??? It's funny the way you can get yourself so excited when you are so close.....okay, well I know this entry is all over the place....I am sure you will be hearing a lot more from me over the next couple of days :) I am trying to keep as busy as possible this next week, I would gladly accept any suggestions on how to do just that :)

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