Monday, August 18, 2008


This is it! That's right, this is Amy's little sis Laura adding this special blog entry! Amy is going in right about now for a C-Section and then Baby Risser will be among us!!!
The story as Amy told it to me, to the best of my abilities: Amy slept last night until about 1:00 am when she woke up feeling like things were quite uncomfortable. She said her contractions were about 10 minutes apart. In the morning, she told Eric "I think this might be it" but told him to go to work and she'd let him know! And she did! After a call to Sheri, Amy and Eric were heading into the docs office to see what was up. This was still quite early, before 10 am.
Sheri checked Amy, saw that she was dilated. They decided to break her water and send her into the hospital because Baby Risser was coming! I believe she was about 2 centimeters when Sheri checked her in the doctors office and she measured in at about 3 centimeters by the time she reached the hospital! She was progressing and they were anticipating that Baby Risser would be coming all on his own!
They admitted Amy and she received her epidural and things progressed throughout the morning and afternoon. I got into Amy's room at about 2:15 pm today... I anticipated the call ALL MORNING at work and was sooo excited to get in there!
We slowly watched the monitor as Baby Risser's heart would occasionally drop when Amy had a contraction. This went on for some time. The doctor's made it clear that it wasn't a very big deal because he would come down a little but then jump right back up to a very healthy heart rate between contractions. They also noted that he was being an active little guy!
Amy kept on keeping on until 7 centimeters! Then, it seemed is though she just wasn't progressing as much. And finally, around 4:45 pm or so, Dr. May came in and told Amy they thought it was time to consider a C-Section because Baby Risser might have some umbilical cord tanglige. As Eric was suiting up for the operating room and they were preparing Amy, I wished her good luck and headed back here to give you all this magnificent update!
I will be heading back to the hospital around 7 pm to see the little miracle! He's finally coming to us! I WILL be adding another post tonight, after I come home, with all of Baby Risser's stats and his NAME! :)
Pray for Amy, a healthy C-Section delivery, a healthy baby!
Thank you Heavenly Father for this miracle!

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Robin said...

CONGRATS!!! We're praying for you guys.....can't wait to hear the details!