Thursday, August 7, 2008

38 weeks, 2 days NST and Prenatal Check

So I had my routine NST and check up today. The NST took a little while. It seems Baby was in a sleep pattern! He eventually moved around a bit, and his heart rate accelerated, also he showed good heart rate during my contractions. I had to move around a bit, and drink some juice to get him going today! Cheri is back from vacation and is ready for my delivery :) I am glad I didn't "go" while she was away! She checked me today, and no changes really. She said I will probably go around my due date. That is pretty much what I have been figuring. She doesn't think I will have trouble going into labor on my own, which is good. We are just praying things progress naturally. So the waiting game remains. As of now, Baby Risser continues to look healthy and is showing no signs of fetal distress in the womb. i will upload a belly shot asap, it is quite the sight. It is funny, sometimes I feel like I need this baby out right now, and other times I can hardly believe I am almost there! We will continue to keep you posted.
the stats for today....

position: head down
belly measurement: none taken
heart rate base: 140's
NST: pass
blood pressure: 90/58
weight gain: 1 1/2 pounds ( a total of 25 1/2 pounds)
next appointment and hopefully my last!!! : thursday August 14


Lauren said...

Yipee for Baby Risser! Cannot wait for him to get here. Love ya.

Stacy D said...

I am so glad he's head down!!! And that he woke up a little for the NST :)

You're almost there!!!