Wednesday, July 30, 2008

37 week NST and Prenatal Check up

This morning had my 37 week NST and Checkup. The NST went great as usual, and I had a couple of contractions (don't get excited) while on the monitor as well, which showed a good heart rate responding to them. At one point I had to move around a little to get the man going, but his heart rate responded well to all the movements. I saw Dr. Eichenlaub today, since my midwife was on vacation. He is another great doc.
We talked about the usual, and he palpitated around to feel the head. The head is still "high" so he didn't bother checking me for progress because there probably hasn't been any in the last week! He agreed with Cheri that we will not be able to induce, so the baby will need to come on his own. As of now, It is up to me how long I would like to wait on that. Everything else checks out great this week, so for now we are asking for your prays for a safe and natural delivery. Many of you are asking "how will we know when it is time???" My sister will be sure to get on the blog here and keep you informed as the time comes. She will be with me most likely periodically during labor. As for now, the waiting game is on, here are today's stats:

position: vertex
blood pressure: 102/62
weight gain: 0 pounds (for a total of 24 pounds so far)
belly measurement: 36 1/2 cm
next NST /appointment: wednesday August 6
*on one other note: Dr. Eich seems to think the baby could be somewhere around the 7 pound mark....just depends on how long I carry...I can't wait to finally see for myself!!!

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