Monday, July 14, 2008

Graduation Day...35 week Cardio-Gram And FINAL Growth Scan

I feel like we have graduated. We had our FINAL growth check and Fetal Check up at the specialists office today. Dr. Bayliss confirmed that Baby Risser has indeed "graduated" from his practice, and is doing much better than ever expected. Today, upon arrival, our tech checked all organs, including heart, bladder, lungs, kidney's and spinal cord. She also took measurements of the head, abdoman, legs and neck, to estimate fetal weight....the verdict is in:


Baby Risser was very cooperative this afternoon, we got some great pics, and Dr. Bayliss was able to get a great measurement of 6 pounds!!!!! We were shocked (being that he still has a potential 5 more weeks for growth)! Aghhhh!!! Baby Risser is in the 77th percentile for his weight! All major organs and tissue seem to be developed as they should. (thank you, LORD!) I chuckled over again as I asked, "can my 5'2 frame deliver an 8 pound baby?" Dr. Bayliss replied if carried to term he could be 8 1/2 pounds! You'd be surprised what your body can do!" Dr. Bayliss encouraged VBAC also once again, saying I have about a 70-80% success rate.

We also got some more 3-D Shots today, and got up close and personal with our little man. He smiled at us several times, and we watched him swallow and gulp the amniotic fluid...very awesome!!!! He seems to look brother, Jim??? (hope you are reading Foehl Family) :) Dr. Bayliss also noted a "head of hair" on baby Risser that he could see on the ultrasound. As far as the cystic Hygroma stands: we may notice a small thickness of skin on the neck at birth, or there may be nothing at all, time will tell.

We thanked Dr. Bayliss and staff for their support and knowledge... and said our goodbyes. Dr. Bayliss once again reminded us that our prayers were answered with an amazing outcome, he will use our babie's story to share with other patients going through such trials. He tried "squeezing" out our little man's name once more, and said he is excited to hear of his name and meet him in person. As of now, he has referred to Baby Risser as "trouble."

Words cannot express our thanks from so many, for prayers and pleas to heal our son. Many of you have speard the word of our story and prayed without ceasing, along with your churches, groups, friends and pastors. I even heard from people in California praying for our baby. You will never know how much this touches my heart, to have this outcome is such an amazing testiment of the Faith that YOU have in the great Healer, Jesus Christ. From the bottom of Eric and My hearts, we thank you again. We still have about a month left of a long journey, please continue with us in prayers for a healthy delivery,healthy Baby Risser and for prayers for Baby Norrah and Baby Isaac.

Love to all---


Stacy D said...

YAY!! So glad it was such a great report. Your sono pics are fabulous!!!

Lauren said...

Awesome! Cannot wait to meet this BIG boy. How funny... he is as big as Norrah was when she was born... and he still has more time to grow! AMAZING. I feel so happy that you graduated from Bayliss' office. That truly is a GREAT feeling. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Love you.

Kathy said...

So he's gonna be a big boy, huh? Looks like he's getting a little scrunched in there already. I'm sure it feels that way to you! Glad to know everything checked out and he's officially graduated from being Trouble, or do we need to keep that name a while longer to see how he behaves after he's born? Well, we can pray for that too.

Anonymous said...

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