Thursday, July 10, 2008

34 week Non-stress Test and Prenatal Check-up

It's hard to believe we are now counting weeks instead of months!!! Exciting to say the least. We had our first non-stress test this afternoon at our Ob/Gyn. The purpose of the NST, is to check on the well-being of the baby and how he responds to contractions and his own movements. Basically, you get hooked up to monitors, one pad goes on the baby's heart , and one on the outside of the uterus. It is the same monitor that they hook you up to when you go into triage to have the baby. The nurse establishes a "base" heart rate, and I have a button I click every time the baby moves. The baby's heart rate should rise during movement, just like our's does when we excercise. They watch this until they are satisified with how baby is reacting.

To No surprise, Baby Risser was of course rolling around, which is indeed a good thing. He moved around so often, it took some time to establish a base heart rate. Once the nurse did, we just chuckled at the sound of his "horse-thumping" heart, and watched it rise with every passing movement. Pretty neat to say the least. I also watched a couple of peaks on the contraction strip...small ones however, nothing to get excited about.

Cheri was excited to see "EXCELLANT" NST results, and is getting very excited to deliver! Upon examination, the head is indeed still vertex (down) but, "floating" meaning not engaged in my pelvis yet. She said she would love to see it engaged, however, after the first pregnancy, moms don't usually "drop" til labor begins. Having said that, he could still flip. We are hoping and praying this active baby stays put!! It would be c-section for sure at that point! Everything else is looking good. We are both hoping (and praying of course) for baby to start the process of descending over the next couple of weeks, and just maybe I go a week or so early. This would mean no inducing or having to make decisions other than VBAC. Indeed we know God knows best, and we are placing this in his hands also.

This coming Monday is our FINAL Fetal-Maternal Visit with the specialists, and Growth and heart scan. whewww, I will feel like it is Graduation. We are praying for things to look continually good growth and body wise, and to have good results with our doctors. We will of course keep you posted on those results as well as a close estimate on weight! Thanks in advance for your prayers. Your prays for healing and peace have been amazing, and i know we will feel them Monday before and during our test and ultrasound.

Okay, I know you are dying to know the numbers:)

Belly measurement : 34 1/2 cm (1/2 cm big)!!!

weight gain : 3 pounds in two weeks! (for a grand total of 23 pounds)

blood pressure: 100/58 (yah!)

next appointment/NST: 36 weeks 7/24/08



Stacy D said...

Glad that things went well today!!

~ Stacy

Lauren said...

Yea for Baby Risser. He is not as stubborn as miss Norrah! I am so excited for your appointment on Monday. It really does feel SO GOOD when you can say goodbye to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Office. One step closer to having the babe in your arms. I am praying for all good things and cannot wait to hear the update. PS - Norrah's weight estimate was RIGHT ON (5lb 12 oz at 37 weeks and they say they gain 1/2 lb a week and when she was born she was 6-3. So... we will see how accurate baby Risser's measurement is!) Love love.

Kathy said...

Happy for the good check-up and test results. Praying for more good news Monday. Let me know what you find out. God Bless.