Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Special Prayer

Thanks again all friends, family and those who have stumbled upon our blog for taking the time to read, pray and support our family during this pregnancy. Many of you have been touched, and shared stories and or experiences and memories that our Baby has help remind you of. this deeply humbles us. In the midst of awaiting our miracle in the coming weeks, there are two other very special babies who need your prayers as well. I have included there blogs on the site and many of you have begun following their journey's.
Baby Delisle (Stacy and Spencers baby) Have updated their blog, and need your prayers deeply, Their babie's Cystic Hygroma has shrunk by a miracle from God, however their baby is facing many other devastating health concerns. Most of all, this family needs to feel support and God's love as they continue to await more miracles.
Baby Norrah, (Lauren and Ken's baby) will be here very soon...about 3 weeks or so!!! Baby Norrah needs continued prayers for growth and a three artery umbilical cord, rather than 2.
Of course please continue to lift up Baby Risser and pray against still birth, or any growth restriction.
We are so glad these "miracle baby's" as us girls have began calling them are touching your lives as well as ours, stay tuned for what's to come :)

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Lauren said...

Oh, I love the post. Thanks so much! They way I figure it the more prayers the better. We will beat down God's door! The power of persistent prayer. Only a few more weeks for me, two more months for you and 20 weeks for God to keep working those miracles in Stacy's babe.

I have my appt. tomorrow morning, and then my last (hopefully) ultrasound with Bayliss/Boley Monday.

Norrah's head is still in my left rib. She lets me know because her hands are up there too, probably in her mouth. :)

Love love!