Friday, June 13, 2008

30 weeks, 3 days and Counting ! (Prenatal Check up)

I visited my mid-wife Cheri today. We immediatly discussed that our little man is transverse (horizontal)....however upon further examination Cheri was very excited to see he has moved to the head down position!!!! I swear he turned last night, I was uncomfortable in both ribs! She could grab his head in the pelvis area....
Cheri and I talked about if he hadn't turned in the next 5 weeks or so, it would be c-section for sure. She did not recommend doing a version (manually flipping the baby) with a Section scar, and that this little guy has already been under enough stress. So we agreed, if our little man does not stay head down, and is breech at 36 weeks, a c-section it is, however as of now....VBAC!( for those who aren't familiar VBAC is vaginal birth after cesearean)
I filled out the VBAC form, and the risks are very nerve racking. The main risk is extremely low, 1% for uterine rupture where the previous scar is. A uterine rupture is extremely dangerous to mom and baby. However a c-section itself is stressful to the body as any major abdominal surgery is, even the High risk Doc, Dr. Bayliss said that a VBAC would be excellant for both me and the baby, unless fetal distress starts to occur. So as of now, that is where it stands. At any point, weeks, days or hours during or before labor I can change my mind. I sincerely trust my midwife and Doctors opinion, they will section me if at any time they think things are going the least bit astray. So.....prayers for optimal conditions during labor, and speedy one too! Not to mention continued growth and a healthy baby!
Otherwise, heartbeat today was great, Blood pressure up a little, everything looking great!
Stay tuned updated belly shots to come :)
Now the stats:

Belly measurement: great! (none specified, typical for Cheri :)
Blood pressure: 89/54 low still but up from last visit thanks to salt!
Great heart beat
Baby's position: vertex !!!!
weight gain in four weeks : 3 pounds (for a total of 18 pounds)


Lauren said...

Yea for a good report. I was hoping I would see you at Cheri's office this week but... I must have missed you since I went yesterday. I will admit I am a little jealous that your man turned... NORRAH IS NOT NEARLY AS COOPERATIVE FOR CHERI! So happy that all is going well and we will keep praying for the littlest Risser!

Stacy D said...

Yea!!! sounds like things went GREAT! I am so glad the little man turned.

I will continue to pray that he grows healthy and strong, and that your VBAC goes quickly, as pain-free as posible, and is free of any sort of complications.

You're in the home stretch!!