Monday, June 2, 2008

29 week Growth Scan and Cardio-gram

We visited fetal-maternal Medicine this morning bright and early. I actually got up and had my glucose test done (woohoo!) and then met Eric in at the Women's and Babie's Hospital. I swear everyone knows us there! I guess that is not a bad thing however, when the big day arrives! We had a different ultrasound tech today, she was funny and very nice, just as are all of the other staff in their office. She started with the growth scan, by taking measurements of the babie's body, like head, chest, spine, legs and arms, they gather measurements and the machine gives back a weight. At first the baby's weight came back being that I was around 32 weeks, I started to panick a little as the tech said "how big was your first baby?" She repeated all the measurements again and came up with 3 pounds, which is right around the 50-60th percentile for growth at 29 weeks. So far, if Baby Risser stays on target his birth weight should be around 6 1/2-7 1/2 pounds at birth. The ultrasound tech said that this size baby is excellant for a person my size. of now growth seems great!!! Thanks for your prayers.....
Dr. Bayliss is the doc who then came in and repeated the ultrasound, he said the heart valves looked "beautiful" He asked what the Baby's name is and we said " Sorry, it's a secret :)" So he said from now on he will be referring to him as "trouble". Throughout the tests, baby was going crazy, and even had the hiccups at one point, making it once again hard to get the shots they needed. As of now his position is still horizontal. However Dr. Bayliss says there is still plenty of time for him to turn head down. Dr. Bayliss tried to get a good "shot for the family album" however baby Risser had other ideas (as he has this entire pregnancy)....and we ended up with only one pic, and it is hard to even see him. Dr. Bayliss also noted the contractions I was having during the ultrasound, he said "do you have these a lot?" And I said, i have them frequently, just like with drew....soooo, he was able to take a look via ultrasound at my cervix, which he said was still long, and not dilating, which means that the contractions are indeed Braxton-hicks and not pre-term labor.
he looked at the neck area, and showed us just a small redundant amount of thick skin. He said it is hard to tell if it will even be noticiable to us at birth. He mentioned again that these "results" are not typical with this situation, and he indeed knows how pleased we are to see this kind of outcome. Having said that, the baby's growth and well being needs to continue to be monitored. He is very pleased with the baby's well being right now, with Cystic Hygroma cases there are instances of other disorders that cannot be diagnosed, however the docs have/are ruling out all of the major ones. Also, there is an instance of still birth, he indicated he thinks I am at low-risk for that, that things look good, and we should keep measuring baby's growth. He wants to see us one more time in 7 weeks (36 weeks gestation), and begin having fetal-non-stress tests at 32 weeks at the regular ob-gyn apppointments.
Dr Bayliss is a great doctor, he is very professional and very personable, he is very experienced at his profession. At the end of our appointment, he peeked back in the room and said he "sleuthed" in the computer and saw I passed my glucose test, that was just one hour before hand! He said "now you can go home and enjoy that ice cream sundae!"
Once again more "baby steps" (thanks stacy) :) have led us to this point. Please continue with us to pray for our son's well-being. God has and is continuing to be so gracious in his plans, we must not ever forget it.


Stacy D said...

Praise God! I have been praying for you guys all morning, Amy, and am so grateful that God, in his graciousness, has given you more baby steps in the right direction. We will continue to pray for you, your family, and Baby Risser... that he will continue to grow perfectly, and that God will guard him against stillbirth, or anyother anomaly.

Rejoicing with you,

Stacy :)

Lauren said...

YEA! He is well! And you can eat sugar. Both positives in my book.

I am glad that everything was wonderful, I am so confident for all these little miracle kiddos.

I laughed when I read that you wouldn't even tell Bayliss Baby Risser's first name. I cannot wait till he is born and we can hear it! I could never really keep good secrets... ha!