Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28 weeks

It's hard to believe I have at least another 10 weeks to go! Things feel like they are starting to get a bit scrunched, and a jab in the hip or ribs has become a common occurence. I am starting to feel pressure low, especially when I stand up to get out of bed. Carrying drew around is probably contributing to this, as I don't remember that with him. Ahh, then there is the lovely swelling :) yesterday was a glimpse into what the next two months will most likely behold....by the end of the day, my new nickname could have been "cankles", and the wedding band had to come off as well :0 just a taste of what August may be like!

Other than that typical stuff, I am enjoying the pregnancy to it's fullest! I love feeling his little and Not so little rolls and squirms!!! Not to mention the frequent "morphing" of my belly! The braxton-hicks contractions seem to be a bit more under control right now, as I have been keeping up on my liquids. I am having them every day, but there is no frequency to them anymore.

Our next appointment at Maternal-fetal is Monday June 2, less than a week away. As these appointments approach, I must say I always get a bit nervous. Please continue to pray for our faith to stay strong, and for our baby to be growing properly and perfectly. The doc will be doing a growth scan, and looking at our little guy's heart again by echo-cardio gram. We are getting excited to finally meet our little miracle in the making!


Lauren said...

Oh, why do we get antsy and nervous when we know in our hearts things are OK? Ugghhh must be the mommy thing. I am praying for you and your appt. on Monday. I know just how you feel - I am always so anxious before I go in there. Things will be great. Oh and you look so darn cute... ITS ALL BELLY.

Kathy said...

Cankles? Never heard of that one before. Guess you're not needing extra salt anymore. Keep on praying (as we are) that the next appt will be more good news.

letters2alex said...


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Take Care!


Robin Bair said...

cute pic! praying for you tomorrow. :)