Thursday, May 15, 2008

26 week Check up-Bring on the Salt!

I visited my Regular midwife, Cheri this morning. I wasn't at all surprised to hear that my blood pressure is pretty low again ( 81/61), which is why I have been feeling the dizziness and frequency in contractions. Cheri explained that I could be starting to get dehydrated and I need to increase Gaterade, water and salt! Bring on the salt (for those of you who don't know me, I love salty snacks)!!! In the past two days I have been having a ton of Braxton-hicks contractions, and she explained, that is due to the lack of hydration. The water just doesn't seem to be cutting it. So she said the Gaterade may "stick" in my body a little better and do it's job. Other wise, she said I could end up going into the hospital for my liquids to be replenished via IV fluids! YIKES! I vow to bring on the Gaterade ten fold :)
She ordered the Glucose test (woo-hoo), and listened to a great heartbeat. We were laughing because he was going crazy while we listened to the doppler.
I asksd her about the placental "lakes" and she said no need to worry, we will just keep watching baby's growth, via ultrasound, measurements, and non-stress tests after 32 weeks. Once I hit the 32 week mark I will be going into maternal-fetal for non-stress tests of the baby on a weekly basis. Sooooo....continued prayers for this little man to GROW, grow, GROW. So far our little guy's position is horizontal!!! Side ways in the uterus :) There is still another 10 weeks for him to make his decent into head-down position....we will pray for that as well. All in all, a good report......the stats:

belly measurement: " none specified" (she said good growth though)!
weight gain: 3 pounds
blood pressure : 81/61
total weight gain during pregnancy so far: 13 pounds
We will see Cheri again one more time in four weeks ( 30 weeks gestation) , then begin bi-weekly after that!

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Lauren said...

Oh my, we are certainly in this together. WE DO NEED TO GET THE BABES TOGETHER WHEN THEY ARE BORN! And we should share our blood pressure... I will give you some of my high pressure and you can give me some of your low... and then we will be perfect!!!

Ughhh! Thanks for the love and prayers. We are praying for baby Risser too!