Monday, May 12, 2008

An amazing week!

I am eager to write tonight as I learn more of the plans god has in store for us! The last few days have been eventful in that we again feel so blessed with everything going on around us. Church was amazing yesterday, I felt like the message was directed specifically toward us. Guess what the sermon was about...the power of prayer!!! The message spoke of Pentecost and the birth of the church, and how quickly so many have forgotten the almighty power, super-natural, of God. After all, the resurrection of Christ was not an event that can be explained scientifically!!! But an event that was super-natural indeed! Why do we think that God can't work in this way this day and age??? I could barely stay seated in my pew, as the pastor spoke of events, miracles that God performs that can never be explained by any specific matter, other than that of God. Amen, to that. And yet we don't ask, because we don't believe it is possible. I am here to say it is soooo possbile!!!! We need to be prayerful and ask for the miraculous, refuding what our inner lack of hope (Satan) is telling us! I think our "plan" is unraveling" and that our story could offer proof to those with disbelief. But how? This week I was connected via the internet, this BLOG , with a couple going through specifically what we are. New friends in Christ have been revealed, and also a new set of Prayers, to add to our pleas. There baby too has a large hygroma, and we are crying out to God to once again reveal himself in this baby boy. If you look to the right, you can check out the pregnancy blog of this family, asking for a super-natural miracle. Will you join with me in praying for them?
talking with this new friend has churned up emotions in my heart and I am asking that you continue to lift us up in your prayers for our baby boy as well. God is good, and he has brought us here, and I am so excited about what his plans are....I know this is getting long, but I am just so excited to share. I have never felt God's voice speak stronger than it has in the past few days and I am bursting at the seams!

Pray shout outs for Baby Risser, Baby Norrah, Baby Delisle and the arrival of the healthy "Bair cubs" !!
what an amazing week it has been!

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Stacy D said...


What a great thing to be encouraged on Mother's Day in church! I am so excited for you that you have remained joyful in hope and faithful in prayer.

Thanks for linking our blog to yours, and for lifting up our little boy to the Lord. He can do wonderous things, and like I told you before, your story gives me encouragement to pray boldly for the miraculous.

I am praying that it continues to be nothing but good news for you all and your little one... please keep me posted, particularly on when your appointments are so I can be praying!

~ Stacy