Tuesday, May 6, 2008

25 weeks, Prayers for my nerves!

Time has been going quickly, this week Pap (dad) is painting drew's new room, and we are preparing to move drew out of the nursery! It is kinda sad, but I am excited to get all the baby stuff out again, and wash it and put it away! Drew's new room is going to be awesome, of course done in blue and red (thomas colors)!

The baby has been very active, which is a great reasurrence that things are going well. We are continuing to ask for prayers, yesterday I recieved a call from Maternal-fetal medicine, and they would actually like to do a growth scan in 4 weeks again. After hanging up the phone, I immediatly started to worry....why the change, I had been scheduled for an 8 week scan??? Eric said if it is still worrying me today, I should call and just ask why the doc changed his mind. Anyways, I guess we have been bombarded with such great results from our tests lately that I am afraid to hear bad news. Soooooo, I just need to keep my faith strong, God gives, God takes, and sometimes he days just says, wait, and be patient!!!! It's funny how everyday we are reminded of how things were just a few months ago...I prayer God reveals to us how we can use our experience to help others.......

soooo.....the picture above is the 25 weeks belly shot, I am beginning to feel large. I did the unthinkable and went shopping last Friday for a maternity swim suit, what a sight. Two girls in the store said to me, "are you due soon?" !!! I laughed and replied, is August soon??? The girl that had asked was expecting in September and she barely had a bump! Oh well, it just seems to stick straight out, like a basket ball or something!


Lauren said...

Hey Amy! Keep up the faith. It is wierd but yesterday I was having faith issues too... but we just have to remember to keep asking for an increase in faith and to keep worry far away. :) Our growth scan is tomorrow and I found myself all nervous that they would find something scary during the scan. Ughhh.

Don't worry about the scan change... I bet they are just being cautious. I know when they planned ours they were like well lets get together in 4-6 weeks and then Dr. Boley goes... ok so lets do 5 weeks. It was kind of random like... anytime would do so lets do the middle. :)

OK well talk to you later. YOU LOOK GREAT BY THE WAY.

Stacy D said...

I stumbled on your blog after seeing your post on the healthline Fruit of the Womb site. Your story sounds so similar to mine, except I am only 15 weeks and still have many of the tests ahead of me. We did CVS already instead of waiting for amnio, and all the chromosomes, like your baby came back normal. I can also relate to the not knowing what to pray for, except for a miracle. We have had friends from our church small group, too, come and have prayer meetings at our house, pleading with God to intercede in this.

Anyhow, I would love to talk to you more about this. I was excited to read of a sister in Christ ging through a similar situation... it's easy to feel pretty alone and as if you're the only one experiencing this since cysitc hygromas are so rare. Anyhow, if you're willing, would you e-mail me at coolteacher79@yahoo.com? Thanks :) ~ Stacy