Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fetal Echo Cardio-gram, 24 weeks

This morning we had our test on the babie's heart. The High-Risk Office, performed the test, and it took about an hour. They looked very closely at the heart via ultrasound, and individually looked at it's interior (blood flow, valves, arteries, ventricles). Baby was being a bit uncooperative, moving around like there was a party going on or something....So it tooks some time to get some good shots. Also, i had to keep changing positions, because I couldn't breath very well on my back the whole time. They also listened to all the different areas of the heart, it was crazy, they all sounded a little different, but healthy none the less!

Today we saw a different Doc, Dr. Boley. He looked around awhile, and said so far everything looks healthy! He did point out a couple of "Lakes" in my placenta. he sid that these could cause Inuterine Growth Restriction, but in most cases mean nothing....he said not to worry about it, they will keep monitoring the baby's growth, with my next ultrasound, and by my OB's belly measurements. Speaking of growth, he mentioned that today, the baby weighs 1 pound 8 oz. He said that is average for the babie's age, he did a lot of measurements, and babie's growth as of now looks good. So overall, a good report! We noticed as we walked our notes up to the front of the office , we read "resolved cystic hygroma".....written on a note by the chart, this made me smile all over :)

The High-risk Dr.'s would like to look again at growth and the babie's heart in 8 weeks, (32 weeks along). So that will be our next appointment with them....we will continue to see our reg. OB/GYN on a regular basis. We are asking that you all continue to pray for health and growth in our baby, and that the "lakes" in the placenta will clear up, causing no IUGR. The picture posted with today's entry was taken today on the ultrasound 4-d. It is of the head, you can see his cute face, the stuff all around him is my uterus (ewww, sorry guys). It was really tough to get a good picture today, again there must have been celebrating going on in there!


Lauren said...

So happy for you all! I love all these answered prayers!

Of course we will pray against IUGR, we will remember baby risser when we send up the same prayers for Norrah.

PS - don't you love Dr. Boley? So patient and gentle. Norrah wouldnt cooperate with him either!

KAL071203 said...

Amy what wonderful news!!!! I have worked with drs Bayliss and Boley with both of my pregnancy's just an ultrasound with collin but many ultrasounds and weekly NST's for Ryan. We really liked them and felt they were both profesinal and compassionate. we will contiune to pray for you and baby!