Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prayers for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our next big test, the fetal echo-cardio-gram. We are anticipating good results, as we feel God is working in this baby's health everyday. Parts of me are a bit nervous, however I am excited to see our "little man", it's been 4 weeks!
it's beginnning to feel like a boxing ring in my belly! This is definetely a very active baby. He is moving almost all the time it seems, and it makes me smile, it is a great reassurence. Some of the kicks are beginning to jabb my ribs (ouchie)!! and my back is starting to ache quite a bit by the end of the day. The ol' belly is rather itchy and tight, it is so amazing how much your skin stretches throught the last months....time seems to be flying along, we keep praying, without pause, we are getting more excited to meet this miracle....and we will post on our test results tomorrow.....please continue to pray, for a healthy baby, heart and safe delivery.

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Lauren said...

We are praying! So excited to hear the results. :)