Monday, April 21, 2008

23 weeks

I went for my doctor appt at my regular dr. thursday. My blood pressure was down again , but not quite as low, something like 90/59....I was greeted by Cheri my midwife and the staff excited about our excellant results from Dr. Bayliss the high-risk doc....we were jumping up and down!! Cheri gave me the OK to attempt a VBAC which made me very excited, but nervous, because she did explain all the risks, and give me a scary form I need to fill out for the hospital. She said I could afford to put on some extra weight :) Ha! I told her I have been eating everything in sight....she is said that's okay as long as it's healthy...(yikes) :) My belly measured 1 week ahead, 24 cm, but I always measured big with drew so......pretty typical for me I guess.... I go back to Dr. Bayliss for the fetal echo-cardio gram next wednesday....we will keep praying for a healthy heart! I am starting to feel stronger activity and a lot more often (like all the time)....we will post belly pictures and more baby pictures soon, the digital cam is still on the fritz!

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aaa said...

Hi, My baby was born with a Cystic Hygroma on SIDE of her right side neck. We were unable to identify this during my pregnancy. Now she's 2 1/2 years old beautiful girl but still suffering with this sickness. She did a one major operation when she was in 3 months and removed that liquid from neck, chest and ear area. Also she followed some injection courses as well. But my little girl still suffering from this sickness and we are searching a proper medical treatments to recover her. Last week we did a MRI scan to check her current situation and the result was bad again. It started to speared through her face, neck and other parts.

We need to find a treatment to bring her back to normal...If anybody know anything about a good doctor or a treatment please please let me know.