Thursday, June 26, 2008

32 Week Prenatal Check-up

Today, I visited with Dr. May, one of the Doctor's in my Ob/Gyn practice, being that my midwife is on vacation. I was once again very surprised to hear that our little "man" is still indeed head down. The big hard "boulder" like structure I am feeling in my rib cage is a butt! I thought for sure he had turned :) I must say, in the last week, I can tell things are getting squished in there, these movements can be quite painful at times. Dr. May listened to the heartbeat for some time, and asked all the normal questions. Blood Pressure has been about the same, however I haven't been too light-headed, so I think I am keeping up with the fluids. We talked more about the VBAC. I have been doing a bit of reading, and I have to say I am getting more nervous. The whole uterine rupture risk is scary, however there is at this point no reason for me subject my body to unnecessary surgery either. She explained VBAC's are different than just a typical vaginal labor in that, my midwife will deliver, however a DR. will need to be on standby my entire labor in case I need sectioned immediatly. That is comforting. Also, as soon labor is impending, and I am aware of it, we will most likely head right to the hospital, instead of waiting it out at home awhile. The baby will need to be monitored continuesly during labor. Another reassurence.....If however the event arises that I need induction, I will be very limited at what can be administered. Pitocin is allowed in small amounts, and they can manually break my water, but nothing else. Also, if 40 weeks comes, they will not induce, it will be a c-section. So things could go so many ways, we just won't know until the big day comes. Right now, I am putting it solely in God's hands. I would love to experience birth, but God knows best!!

This morning I was pleased to run into "Baby Norrah" and her mama Lauren at the office. Please pray for Baby Norrah this week, as she has failed her third non stress test just this morning, and will be going for more tests today. They haved moved her c-section up to this Tuesday, July 1. Check out Norrahs blog for a complete update!!! We are so EXCITED TO WELCOME the first of the "miracle babies" :)
the stats are in:

weight gain: 2 pounds (for a total of 20 pounds)

blood pressure : 88/58

belly measurement: taken but not specified which means good I guess!

heart rate: 141 bpm

baby position: vertex (head down)

next appointment and non-stress test: July 10 with Cheri
Final Growth Scan: July 14 or 15?? (36 weeks)


Lauren said...

GREAT to see you and baby Risser today. I was excited our babies got to "hug" each other. AND SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT HE IS HEAD DOWN STILL! Thanks for the prayers. AHHHH I am getting so anxious.

Stacy D said...

Glad to hear that things went well this morning!! You are looking just too, cute, in your pictures, too :)

We will continue to pray that all goes well with baby Risser!

~ Stacy