Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to the blogger world, where did May go?

So I have to be the first to admit my blogging lately has been...shall we say, ummm scarce? Okay-cut me some slack! The weather has been nice, and those boys have been busy getting their nails dirty, and bruising their knees...me? I have been busy trying to keep those nails clean and preventing a disaster. Lee has begun "cruising" whcih means for sure he will be walking very soon, which means I am in that stage where he is constantly crashing into things, so i feel like I am running from kid to kid some days! it's great fun, and by the way i finally shed those last 5 "baby" pounds from all that running.
So where did May go anyway? We were busy celebrating a third birthday for drew, a family photoshoot at the farm, and a trip to the mountains. It seems these long days goes so fast, and my blogging takes a backseat. The truth be: I am LOVING this weather, and have just been taking more time to be mom in the last two months. I have been working a little less, kept the house a little less clean, and played trains a little bit longer. But hey, in the end, who could regret a few e xtra moments with my favorite men?
Speaking of photo shoots...check out some of the favs that were taken a couple weeks back by a friend who has a Photography business, PFMF Photogrpahy...YOU MUST check them out. Holly and Anthony are so very talented. And we were blessed by their talents....We love all are pictures and our biggest dilema has been, which to hang in the family room! Stop by there blog! Thanks again Holly!


Mama in Mayhem said...

the pics are stunning. i love them. =) i like the candids the best. the one of you and liam, and drew hanging on your neck are fabulous. the one of liam crawling with you and eric in the shadows- love it. they are LOVEly pictures to capture the essence of your family right now in the midst of the crazy life with kids.
i am a bit hormonal right now but even so the tears the pictures brought to my eyes are real. :)

The Writer Chic said...

Reading back through entries -- just wanted to say I'd kill for your hair. SO freakin' cute!!!