Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miracles for Drew.

So many of my blog readers, know, and have experienced God's healing in their own personal lives. i have shared liam's testimony continually, as it is the ministry of this blog.
However, tonight I feel I need to mention, that I am praying for miracles for our oldest son, Andrew.

As mentioned before Drew has been diagnosed with apporximatly a one year speech and communication delay. It has come to our attention recently that Drew is also dealing with Sensory and some behavioral delays as well. As all of this is extremely new to us, we are asking for the prayer warriors to make their way out once again and raise up Drew to the mighty healer.
As of now, we are in the process of having an OT do a sensory profile on drew. All of this is complicated to explain: Basically, Drew has trouble in every day life behaving to everyday tasks. Touches, tastes and feels are extremely difficult to handle even if it means a complete night's sleep, new pair of socks, something that tastes funny or a new sippy cup. This goes way deeper than just these things--these are just examples. Behavior managment, and everyday life can be frustarting for Drew and family as well. So Frankly, we need your prayers.
As of now, Drew is recieving speech therapy on a weekly basis. The OT will meet with us and determine some techniques to help make life a little easier for Drew's personality.
Praise God!!! Here is the GREAT NEWS! Upon many separate evaluations, our providers do not feel that Drew is suffering from any Spectrum disorder, like autism or ausbergers (spelling) . But rather he is temporarily delayed in a few areas. Praise God!!!!Drew is intelligent!!!! Okay, I am not bragging here, but our little guy does well for his age, however he cannot express it! He speaks often, however his speech his not often clear, and not always spontaneous , it need prompting. Lastly, Praise God !!!!! Drew is healthy!!! He is indeed a miracle, and we love the sweet personality God has implanted in him. His strong-will is one in which God has given him, and our prayer is not only for healing for these delays, but that God will Make Drew's Strong Will in favor of His Savior!!!!

In Closing, at times Our (eric and myself), hearts, and body's grow weary. So we come to you and ask, please continue to lift up Drew, and our family for peace, healing and wisdom to get the best of help for Drew. Fo great therapists, and teachers, and for Our Lord's Will to be known through all of this!!!! Thanks Friends!!!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog. Your son sounds alot like our 2 1/2 year old son. please contact me at martebert@att.net