Friday, October 24, 2008

Diagnostic Hearing test

Great news today finally!
Liam passed his diagnostic hearing test (number four to be exact) today. The test went off without a hitch! The doctors used brand new equipment today, that is perfect for a wiggly, active baby like Liam. There was no need for scrubbing his little forehead ( praise God), and it only took about 20 minutes!!! The docs were able to determine that Liam has great hearing in BOTH ears. At the previous screenings there were unable to get a "pass" result from his left ear. Today, they did.
Prasie God, again.
We were genuily prepared to deal with ever God's intention were, but are so pleased that isn't the road we are going down. At least not for Liam.
I talked briefly to the audioliogist about our oldest son, and his lack of speech development. Supposodly, at this age he sould have a vocabulary of approx: 1,500 words. This blew me away. Being that drew maybe has a vocab of 50-75. Don't get me worng, he may just be behind on talking like many boys his age, however, it may be time to start investigating his hearing. i will be talking with the peditrician on Tuesday, to see his recomendaton. I am totally not going to jump the gun on this. If he is just "a little behind" I am fine with that. However, Drew seems to be frustrated much of the time because he doesn't communicate so well...or at least to a point that we can understand him! So for now, prayers for Drew to be a growing and learning, and hearing just as he should be :)
As of now: 4:45pm All "three" of my boys are asleep :) No naps for the babies earlier today b/c of the test. And one tired daddy :) Weird. It is so stinkin quiet around here. Not used to it, but I'll take it!


Robin said...

that's great news on the hearing test! yea god. we'll keep drew in our prayers. i always joke that i put all three of my babies to bed at 9:30. it's then my quiet time. :)

Synia said...

Awesome news on the hearing test!! Happy Halloween!!
Lots of Love to you all...