Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrating 8 years....and my wonderful husband :)

it's fun to look back and remonice the youthful years. The past 8 years have brought about change, and looking back I can't help but think about how life used to be, and how it is now. let me clearify.
My hubby and i married young (20 and 22)...okay not that young, but according to some standards set today, that may be young. We we would have told you we knew everything there was to know, and marrying at that point was what we did. we had been courting for over 4 years.
Life for us began in 2001, just days before the world changed on 9/11/01, as we ourselves honeymooned at the beach. We ate at fine restaraunts, and stayed up past 12. we slept in til 9am.
We resided in a small apartment above my hubby's work, it was perfect, it was home. Our new adevnture in marriage where accompanyed by adjustmenst and sometimes bickering about learning of one another. Also, great late night dinner conversations over wine, and long weekend getaways, just about every month.
life seemd busy at that time....not sure what we were so busy with, except maybe eachother.
i look back at those early years, with fond memories to build on. We had many adventures, trips, arguments, and holidays.
I look at how are life has shaped into not just each other anymore, but a family unit. And the role my husband has become. father, provider, husband, strengthener, encourager and so on.
we often laugh when people tell us how good we are together. it's funny, i often say "we go together like peas and carrots"
anyoine who knows us would know we are almost exact opposite in personality but complete likeness in our beliefs and foundations. I guess that what has always kept us going strong. Not the disagreements about where to go on vacation, but maybe our spritual foundations and how we want to raise these boys to be great men of God someday.
i realize this blog is kinda of skipping around alot. i in no way mean to speak greatness or advice over 8 years of marriage. I will wait for our 50 year anniversary to do that.
Life HAS changed, and the truth is I am enjoying it. I will cherish those "early" years, and enjoy the days to come. Just as I cherish the years olf baby toes, diapers, and butterfly kisses. We have changed. But our lives and love for each other have grown stronger, together, and in the people we have yet to become.



Robin said...

that was a sweet post. :) happy anniversary!

Mama in Mayhem said...

awww, hello little knot you formed in my throat. :)
beautiful post, amy.
truly amazing and bittersweet how things constantly change in this world and it's great you're managing to change and evolve together.
cheers to you both!