Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She's a Mama....(in Mayhem) Check her out!


so I dug deep. the picture dates back oh i would say about 15 years. It is a picture of myself and and a very dear friend. (shes the one with the curly lox, in case you couldn't figure it out) i could only dream (or perm of) for those curls! yes, i know we are ancient aren't we dear friend?

It is fun to reminice of carefree, boy-crazy, football fridays isn't it?

So glad to mention ,Mama in Mayhem and i, have stayed dear friends through out the years. We have managed to stay in contact, and seem to always be able to reconnect even during those times we aren't in the closest of contact. We have been there through the ups, downs, boyfriends, high school, college, weddings, and more recently the bond of raising precious little boys :)

i invite you all to step on over to this Mama's Blog, where she will be candid and speak of child rearing, travels, and cooking 101. She is extremely well written..... I introduce to you mama in mayhem....take a look, you may get hooked :)

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Mama in Mayhem said...

you are HIL-arrr-eee-us. i was scrolling on my dashboard, and low and behold i was confused at the familiarity of that photo! too kind you are. i laugh and thank you all at the same time. i also treasure the friendship of 15 years... it's crazy to imagine we are getting that old. yikes! it's been a good journey nonetheless.