Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me monday!!

Awwww...gotta love Not me Mondays....don't forget to play along-by going to Mckmama's we go!'not that i "don't" like bugs.....I just don't like them in my living space. I definetly did not squish a "stink bug" (you may only know what this is if you live in Lanky) with a Pantyliner this morning. It was NOT the only thing that could be found in a hurry upstairs in my room. Because I had NOT let the toliet paper run out, and did not replace it. Those pantyliners have so many "other" uses, don't they? I wouldn't know, because i only use them for what they are meant for!

in an attempt to begin "potty-training" my oldest drew, I did not ask my husband, what you "do" with the "thingy" when you sit him on the potty. "where does it go?" my husband then did not reply: "you just tuck it in"

that didn't happen. I knew that already. I certainly then would NOT write about it on my blog then, sounding ridiculous to all of my blog readers.

while reading a fellow blog this week about "miracle blankets" I did not do thorough research to see if one could be purchased for my almost three year old son. The headline read "help even the fussiest baby's sleep content" That DID not make me think of my toddler. Maybe wrapping him in something kind of like a straight jacket would keep him sleeping at night for more then a couple of hours? I am not that sleep deprived, that i would do almost anything to get a full night's sleep.........

hope you enjoyed MY Not me Monday....let's hear yours!!!!!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday, Very funny about the potty just stick it in thing

Robin said... i was never freakish about bugs until the babies were born now i get nick to kill them when i can. lol