Sunday, December 28, 2008

a few of My Favorite Things!

Rain drops on Roses and Whiskers on kittens.....
No! To be cute, I have included a few of my own Favorite things for the babies and myself, things I can't live without....enjoy! If you are unsure about "what" some of these things are...scroll down, I have took the liberty to explain :)

Robeez, Luvs Diapers, and Huggies warm wipeys,
Striped sox and small hats, pictures of my kiddies,
Truffels and cute shoes and surprises and rings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Boys in white onseies and Baby wraps of plenty,
jewelry, and wine charms, and Pacifiers of many,
cozy warms slippers that make my toes sing,
these are a few of my favorite things...

when the kids cry, when the scale lies,
when I am feeling quite sad,
i simply remember why favorite things, and then i don't feeeeeeeeeel, soooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Robeez....many ask what are those adorable "things" on my kiddos feet. why they are Robeez! Yes, in addition to striped sox and hats, I am OBSESSED with Robeez. I got hooked on them when Drew was a wee man himself, and I have accumulated several pair since then. There are a snug fitting shoe/sock that actually stays put on your baby or Toddlers foot, and sort of molds to it. They are way comfy, and aid in the walking process. They come in many sizes and patterns...they are so fun! Here are a few of my favs:

Who can argue with the Luv's Diaper. I should really be a spoke person for Luv's. I belive they are the best disposable diaper around. The one both boys did not leak through as infants. And a fraction of the cost (BJ's large box of 260 count sixe 2=30.00) A case lasts me a month and half or so.
Got to hand it to Huggies on the wipes however. They smell comforting, and I like the ones calle d"natural care" kids have never gotten a rash from em. Good thing is: Huggies comes out with coupons often in the local insert of the paper.


KAL071203 said...

thanks for the tips amy! I'm still not quite getting it but i think
I am headed in the right dircetion..also luvs, and robzees my faves too! and bumbo's!

marie clare said...

I stopped by your blog, my LO is also a CH survivor with normal chromosomes. Im so glad your little one is doing so well!!!
Marie Clare

Synia said...

OMG, I totally agree with you about the luvs!! That is the only diaper I used for all three of my girls. They hold so much pee without leaking or causing a rash!!! :)