Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me MONDAY!

Not me Girlfriends....

I did not look forward to blogging my first Not me Monday, so much, that I cheated and looked at other blogger's not me entries to for a starting point. i didn't do it, that wouldbe like plagerism.

I did not head out to my eye appointment this week, turn on the IPOD and jam to musical songs from the movie CHICAGO, while I was without the boys in the car. I especially didn't make motions to the lyrics and beat my hand on the steering wheel, pretending I was "Roxie" Rennee Zellwiggers character.

I absolutely did not enjoy a "small" shot of wine after three "rough days" this week. Sure didn't.

I sure did not wait until 3pm to get a shower today, Monday. Who stays in there pj's all day anyway, I am NOT that kind of Mom!

Check out NOT ME MONDAY at Mckmama's website, it sure is fun!


Keyona said...

Well I guess I cheated too because I looked at othter blogs before posting my first one as well!!

Synia said...

"Not me Monday"?? That looks like fun! Who came up with that one?