Friday, November 28, 2008

Early Intervention : Another test in Patience and Faith

So i have been wanting to write for quite some time on our oldest Drew. I briefly talked about how we may have his hearing tested, because of his lack of speech. Going on our pediatrician's recomendation, Early Intervention visited our home for an evaluation at the beginning of the week. The whole process took about four hours, and was exhausting for both Drew and myself. The Occupational therapists evaluated him physically, socially, communication, cognitive, speech. They dteermine if he is in a low percentile for children his age, and if so, the child qualifies for aid in that particular area. To no surprise, Drew fell below the average percentile in his speech, and communication areas. It is evident that Drew is suffering from a sppech delay. His vocabulary consists of about 30 words at this point. (now he can repeat anything you say to some degree) However he will only use about 30 words on his own, spontanously.
While we pretty much figured this was the case. It's sad, none the least. No one wants their child to have any trials such as this. Beginning in a few weeks a speech patholigist will be coming to our home for therapy on a weekly basis. This is exciting because, we are excited to hear Drew talk!!!
So, we are asking all of our AMAZING prayer warriors out there to BRING IT ON! And pray that this delay will vanish, and Drew will pick up on his speech in no time. After all, the power of prayer is amazing, and if it's in God's will, I am sure soon, we won't be able to keep Drew quiet!
It's so funny how with your kiddo's it always seems like something doesn't it? Busy, Busy, Busy. I wouldn't trade the "motherly" worries however, for any other way. Just another test in Faith and patience i guess.

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Synia said...

I am so sorry to hear that Drew is falling behind with his speech. Tiff is behind in a few things herself. I only hope she catches up in time to start school next year! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit....busy, busy, you know. Check out my blog and you will see why. :)

Hope everything else is going well. Tell all I said hello!
Luv ya...